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Film: Nightmares
Nightmares is a 1983 horror film by Joseph Sargent.

The film is divided into four different stories:
  • Terror in Topanga: Smoking addict Lisa (Cristina Raines) goes out at night to buy new cigarettes, against her husband's warnings (and a radio news) that psychopath William Henry Glazier (Lee Ving) is on the loose. Things go From Bad to Worse when her car runs out of gas.
  • The Bishop of Battle: The most popular of the four stories. Arcade whiz J. J. Cooney (Emilio Estevez) is obsessed with beating the eponymous and fictional arcade game. The game is so difficult that not even the best players made it to the 13th level.
  • The Benediction: Catholic priest MacLeod (Lance Henriksen) lost his faith following the violent death of a young boy. While driving on a highway, he gets stalked by a black Chevrolet pickup apparently intent on killing him.
  • Night of the Rat: A family has a rat problem. The father, Steven Houston (Richard Masur) wants to fix the problem himself. His wife (Veronica Cartwright) eventually gets fed up and calls an exterminator (Albert Kague). Little do they know that the rat is bigger than they thought.

The DVD was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1999, but it's currently out-of-print.

Can be watched here.

This film contains examples of:

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    Terror in Topanga 

    The Bishop of Battle 

    The Benediction 

    Night of the Rat 

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