[[caption-width-right:320:[[CloudCuckoolander The rich girl]] Irene with her protege...er, [[HiddenDepths butler]]]]

->''All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.''
-->'''-- Alexander Bullock'''

''My Man Godfrey'' is a 1936 ScrewballComedy directed by Gregory [=LaCava=], based on the novel ''1101 Park Avenue'' by Eric S. Hatch. It stars Creator/WilliamPowell and Creator/CaroleLombard, and was the first film to have UsefulNotes/AcademyAward nominations in all four acting categories. [[TheRemake Later remade]] in 1957 starring Creator/DavidNiven and June Allyson. It's also one of Creator/RogerEbert's favourite movies and was included on his [[RogerEbertGreatMoviesList Great Movies List]].

The Bullocks are a wealthy family with two spoilt daughters. During UsefulNotes/TheGreatDepression, the family participate in a scavenger hunt at a party full of well-off friends and have to search for items in order to win prizes. RichBitch daughter Cornelia and SpoiledSweet daughter Irene (Lombard) are after the rarest find of them all -- a "forgotten man".

The sisters visit a junkyard full of homeless men that were affected by the Depression. There, they find Godfrey (Powell), who is offended by the game and refuses to be taken by Cornelia to be teased by the rich. Irene, meanwhile, is guilty about her intentions and later offers him a job as a butler for their family's mansion, much to Cornelia's annoyance.

Once Godfrey arrives, he is welcomed by an exhausted maid to a wild mansion full of snide commentators, eccentric women, and drunkards. It only gets even more confusing when Irene gets a crush on him, while her father is struggling to keep his finances. Regardless, the envious Cornelia is suspicious of Godfrey's history and wants to find out his true intentions.

!!This film provides examples of:
* AnAesop: [[HiddenDepths Don't judge a book by its cover]].
* BrutalHonesty: Godfrey to the RichPeople at the ScavengerHunt.
* CloudCuckoolander: Irene and Mrs. Bullock.
-->'''Irene Bullock:''' ''(looks out the window of Godfrey's club)'' Oh, it's a lovely view ... the view of the bridge. Is it always there? [[note]]To be fair, she could've assumed it was a photograph or a painting, at first.[[/note]]
* CluelessChickMagnet: Without really trying or having much awareness of it, {{adorkable}} Godfrey gets both Bullock daughters and the maid to fall in love with him.
* CreditsBrandProducts: The opening credits are on neon signs.
* CutLexLuthorACheck: At the end of the film, Godfrey tells a humbled Cornelia that she ought to put her [[EvilVirtues high spirits]] to better use.
* DeadpanSnarker: Mr. Bullock. For Molly and Godfrey see ServileSnarker.
* DidYouGetANewHaircut: When Godfrey arrives for his first day as the Bullock butler, Irene doesn't recognise him clean-shaven and in a suit. She doesn't know what it is at first, and then realises that she met him with shabby clothes and stubble. She sleepily mumbles that she misses his stubble.
* TheDitz: Mrs. Bullock is ''so'' dizzy she is unable to correctly recall the man her daughter announced her engagement too mere moments earlier. Irene herself is also a bit empty headed, though she has a much more forceful personality than her vague mother.
* DysfunctionalFamily: The Bullocks. Man of the house Alexander dreads dealing with his wife and daughters. He apologizes profusely to the police after they fail to arrest anyone for stealing daughter Cornelia's necklace (which sounds more like he's begging them to arrest ''him'' to get out away from his family), and this exchange happens between him and Blake:
-->'''Blake:''' Take a look at the dizzy old gal with the goat.
-->'''Alexander Bullock:''' I've had to look at her for 20 years -- that's Mrs Bullock!
-->'''Blake:''' I'm terribly sorry!
-->'''Alexander Bullock:''' How do you think ''I'' feel?
* {{Fainting}}: Irene pretends to faint in Godfrey's arms after he announces that he's leaving in order to make him stay longer. It works instantly as he desperately tries to wake her before anyone notices.
* ForcefulKiss: Irene pretends that she's feeling faint and lies on the sofa. When Godfrey leans over to check her, Irene clutches his face and pulls him into a kiss. When Irene's done, Godfrey tries to walk away as stoic as possible.
* TheGloriousWarOfSisterlyRivalry: Irene vs Cornelia.
** Irene is blonde and Cornelia is brunette. There isn't really a smart/pretty dichotomy but Cornelia is quieter than the energetic Irene.
** When Godfrey rejects Cornelia's offer to be her entry in the scavenger hunt by making her fall into a pile of dirt, Irene takes him instead (mostly because she was much more polite). Even Godfrey is amazed when he discovers that the two of them are related.
** Cornelia is arguably a bit more classist than Irene. When playing the scavenger hunt, she gleefully rushes to a homeless Godfrey and is disgusted when she finds out he's going to be the family butler, attempting to have him fired by accusing him of stealing. Irene felt sorry for him and immediately asks him to be the family butler because she didn't want to look like she was just dehumanising him for a point-and-laugh game in front of rich people.
*** This is why Cornelia spends the movie trying to find out Godfrey's history whilst Irene attempts to make him declare his love for her. Cornelia has feelings for him too, which adds to her and her sister's bickering.
* HangoverSensitivity: Mrs Bullock sees pixies when she's hungover in bed. She tells Godfrey not to walk on them as he enters the room.
* HappyDance: "Mr. Godfrey loves me! He put me in the shower!" Cue Irene jumping up onto a nearby divan, flinging her skirts, and doing a merry stomp.
* HaveAGayOldTime: Mrs. Bullock notes that Cornelia shattered a bunch of windows downtown because she was "very gay" last night, and then ask asks Godfrey if he's noticed anything "queer".
* HeartbrokenBadass: [[spoiler:Godfrey. It's how Cornelia found him at the dump]].
* HeelFaceTurn: Cornelia at the end of the film.
* HideousHangoverCure: "Pixie Remover," namely tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce.
* HiddenDepths: Godfrey, who is more business savvy than he appears.
* IdleRich: All of the Bullocks except Mr. Bullock. The satirical bite of these Idle Rich going to a dump to find the "forgotten man" was strong in the Great Depression, when there were a lot of forgotten men.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: During a typical evening at home, Mr. Bullock takes a whole tray of martinis and then asks Godfrey to repeat the order in 30 minutes.
* TheJeeves: Godfrey, except for the pardonable sin of being American.
* LastMinuteHookup: In fact, last minute marriage.
* LoopedLyrics: Carlo singing "Ochi Tchorniye," but none of the other lyrics, so it's close to a SingleStanzaSong. Bonus points to Mrs. Bullock for [[CloudCuckoolander not knowing the name of the song]].
* LoveMakesYouDumb: Irene exercises this trope, especially with the rather silly engagement ploy.
* MadLove: This sums up Irene's relationship to Godfrey.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Irene is one of the first in film history, possibly the TropeMaker.
* ModelingPoses: Irene's attempt to snare Godfrey's attention, called out by Cordelia.
* NoodleIncident: When being displayed on stage at the scavenger hunt, Godfrey is asked by the presenter if he can feel his stubble. The presenter says that when a family (supposedly) found a homeless man before, the stubble he had turned out to be false.
* NotSoDifferent: As much as the Bullock sisters contrast, they both have crushes on Godfrey. Cornelia would probably be the last to admit it, though.
* OnlySaneMan: Mr. Bullock, Molly the maid, and Godfrey.
* OperationJealousy: Irene attempts to make Godfrey jealous by announcing that she is engaged to a party guest. Even said party guest is confused as he's congratulated by several male friends.
* OverTheShoulderCarry: The way Godfrey carries fainted Irene up the stairs.
* ProtagonistTitle
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Cornelia asks Godfrey to be honest about what he thinks of her. Godfrey calls her variations of a spoiled child, making her march out of the cafe outraged.
* RejectionAffection: Irene can't stop hitting on Godfrey while he is constantly rejecting her advances.
* RichBitch: Cornelia.
* RichesToRags: [[spoiler:Bullock goes broke, due to a combination of bad investments and his family's spending ways. It's averted thanks to Godfrey]].
* ScavengerHunt: These were very popular in the 1930s. The Bullocks and their rich friends participate in this to win prizes, and finding a homeless man is so rare, contestants get the best prize. This is how the sisters meet Godfrey.
* SecretlyWealthy: [[spoiler:Godfrey Smith (aka Godfrey Park of the Boston Parks)]].
* ServileSnarker:
** Molly the maid. After dealing with a family like the Bullocks, it's not surprising.
** Godfrey is sharper-tongued, but blunted by Irene, who doesn't see through his comments.
* SexySoakedShirt: Godfrey figures out that Irene is faking a fainting spell, so he puts her in a shower and [[WaterWakeup turns the water on]]. The results are pretty fanservice-y. This also causes Irene to realize that Godfrey cared enough to help her when she "fainted".
* ShipperOnDeck:
** Godfrey's friend Tommy wants Godfrey to end up with Irene. [[spoiler:When Irene arrives at his and Godfrey's office, Tommy doesn't attempt to have her escorted out by security and scuttles out of the room with a smirk.]]
** The ''whole Bullock family'' want Godfrey to end up with Irene as well.
* SpoiledSweet: Irene. While [[TheDitz ditzy]], she still is kind to Godfrey, which is why he agrees to go with her for the scavenger hunt, as opposed to her older RichBitch sister.
* SurroundedByIdiots: Molly warns Godfrey on his first day of work that serving the Bullock family will end up like this. She was right.
* TheTramp: Godfrey. [[spoiler:He started out rich, goes on to be a tramp, makes the money back and uses it to help the other tramps]].
* {{Tsundere}}: Cornelia, towards Godfrey. After falling in dirt, Cornelia is disgusted when her sister hires Godfrey as the family butler. She attempts to work out whether he's as innocent as the homelessness led him to be and even tries to accuse him of stealing from her. When he decides to leave, she is devastated and apologizes in tears, but Godfrey reassures her that his choice had nothing to do with her. Looks like ''she'' had a crush on him too, like her sister.
* TurnTheOtherCheek: Mr. Bullock [[spoiler:until he finds out he is broke, and throws Carlo out the window]], something that Godfrey praises him for.
* WaterWakeup: Irene gets this treatment by Godfrey.