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Film: Mumford
Mrs. Crisp: What kind of doctor are you?
Dr. Mumford: Ph.D. in psychology.
Mrs. Crisp: Oh. Not a real doctor.

Mumford is a 1999 comedy written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan.

Dr. Mumford is a psychologist who lives in the small town of Mumford. He has a thriving practice, including a woman addicted to shopping, a high school girl with an eating disorder, a drug store owner with a perverse fantasy life, and a billionaire software developer who simply wants Mumford to be friends with him. One day, Dr. Mumford gets a visit from Sofie, a woman who's suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He and Sofie soon develop feelings for one another, which of course, is against all professional ethics for psychologists. Except Dr. Mumford isn't really a psychologist...

While the film received good reviews, it wasn't a big hit upon release, but has since gained somewhat of a cult following.

This film contains examples of the following:

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