Film / Mulan

This page is about the 2009 Chinese film. For the Disney film, see Mulan.

Mulan is a 2009 Chinese film starring Vicki Zhao Wei as legendary heroine Hua Mulan. The Rouran tribes are invading Imperial China, so every family in Wei receives a conscription order requiring one male from each household to serve in the army. Hua Mulan has no brothers, but she doesn't want her aging and sick veteran father to go to war again, so she steals his sword and armor, and goes in his place, disguised as a man.

Mulan rises through the ranks of the army, alongside her commanding officer Wentai. Meanwhile, the Rouran prince Mengdu plots to lead his tribes from the north to the fertile areas of Wei.

It was released in the West on a Bluray/DVD Combo Pack as Mulan: Rise of a Warrior by Funimation in 2013.

Tropes used include: