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''Mr. Destiny'' is a 1990 comedy about Larry Burrows (Creator/JamesBelushi), a simple man living in the suburbs working a menial job in a large company, along with his wife, Ellen (Linda Hamilton), and his best friend, Clip (Creator/JonLovitz). The pressures and misfortunes begin to weigh on Larry, and he attributes his woes to having missed a ball at a high school baseball game.

As Larry regales his troubles at a bar while waiting for a tow for his broken car, the bartender Mike (Creator/MichaelCaine) mixes him a special drink. This drink turns time on its side and sends Larry to an alternate reality where not only did he hit that winning ball, but he's advanced in his company, is filthy rich, and is married to the boss' daughter (Creator/ReneRusso).

Now everything is perfect. Larry hasn't a care or fret in the world now that he's wealthy and powerful...right? Rriiiiight?

!!This film provides examples of:

%%* AnAesop: By the end, it's pretty clear.
%%* AlternateUniverse
%%* CorruptCorporateExecutive
%%* GuardianEntity: Mike.
%%* HeterosexualLifePartners: Larry and Clip.
* ItsAWonderfulPlot: Very similar to the classic ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife''; however, instead of removing the main character from existence, a single event is changed to drastically change the course of his life (and others' lives).
%%* LovableJock: Jackie Bumpers, Larry's boss.
%%* TheJeeves: Ludwig.
%%* TheMistress
* TemporalParadox: Of a sort. Larry is only able to [[spoiler:avoid disaster for the company]] in his normal world with knowledge gained exclusively from an alternate timeline. If he'd [[spoiler:learned to appreciate what he already had]] in the first place, then chances are things would not have gone south in the normal universe.