Film: Megaforce

A 1982 movie directed by Hal Needham starring Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck, Persis Khambatta, Edward Mulhare, George Furth, Evan C. Kim, Ralph Wilcox, Robert Fuller and Henry Silva.

The film follows the titular "Megaforce", an elite multi-national "phantom army", equipped with "the most powerful weapons science can devise" and which mission is "to preserve freedom and justice, battling the forces of tyranny and evil on every corner of the globe".

Led by Commander Ace Hunter (Bostwick) and his friend Dallas (Beck), the Megaforce is sent to help a small (fictional) country in Africa address border incursions from its (equally fictional) neighbor, who has hired an old acquaintance of Hunter's, Duke Guerrera (Silva).

The film was a critical and commercial failure in its release and was nominated for three Razzie Awards, Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Supporting Actor (Michael Beck), plus killing any chances of a projected sequel, titled "Deeds Not Words", from seeing the light of day.

Not to be confused with Power Rangers Megaforce.

The film features the following tropes: