[[caption-width-right:300:Romance, magic, and goofing around.]]

''Mannequin'' is a 1987 romantic comedy written and directed by Michael Gottlieb, about a new employee(Andrew [=McCarthy=]) at a struggling old department store who discovers that one of their mannequins(Kim Cattrall, later star of ''Series/SexAndTheCity'') comes alive, but only when they are alone (it is actually an ancient Egyptian princess under a curse.) They fall in love and, with her help, he revitalizes the store thanks to the crazy window displays he designs.

This is 1980s HighConcept, that still never tries to be anything other than silly and fun.

Though apparently based on an old episode of ''Series/TheTwilightZone'', the director insists he just came up with the idea after seeing an optical illusion in a store window that made one of the mannequins appear to move. It also shares striking similarities with the 1948 film ''Film/OneTouchOfVenus,'' in which a statue of the [[LoveGoddess goddess]] comes to life when kissed by a young window dresser.

There was also a {{sequel|itis}} released in 1991 called ''Mannequin: On the Move''. It stars William Ragsdale and Creator/KristySwanson, and Hollywood Montrose(Meshach Taylor of ''Series/DesigningWomen'') reappears in it.
!!Contains examples of:
* AmbiguouslyGay: Arguably Mr. Richards, who, while not as flamboyant as Hollywood, has his gay moments.
* AndThisIsFor: Spoofed.
* AnimatedCreditsOpening / ArtisticLicenseGeography / ArtisticLicenseHistory: In which the Egyptian princess travels the world while being whisked through history and, among other things, [[HistoricalInJoke proves to Columbus]] [[BeamMeUpScotty that the world]] [[ArtisticLicenseHistory is round]]. She briefly visited the future before backtracking. All in line with the RuleOfFunny.
* AwardBaitSong: ''Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'', by Starship.
* BecauseDestinySaysSo: Apparently Switcher was meant to bring the mannequin to life and break her curse, since only a StarvingArtist could sense all the right parts to put together to make her. And of course the whole bit with him being the only one who can see her.
* CampGay: Hollywood (that's his name).
* CaughtOnTape: How Claire indicates (to the security personnel for Illustra) she found out about [[TheMole Richards]].
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The PetHomosexual uses a fire hose to blast a gaggle of security guards and cops. Then he runs out of water and the hose... deflates.
---> [[OhCrap Shit.]]
* DoingItForTheArt: InUniverse. Switcher gets fired for trying to be expressive in jobs that don't need it, until Prince & Company turns out to need someone like him.
** Except for one job where he was allowed to get creative with folding of balloons, and was fired for something else.
* [[DudeShesLikeInAComa Dude, She's Like, Out Cold in a Pile of Trash!]]: Roxie clearly didn't appreciate the on-the-lips wake up kiss she got from the janitor near the end of the film.
* TheEighties: Part of the film's charm.
* [[EvenEvilHasStandards Even the Rival Has Standards]]: When Claire orders charges be laid against Felix and Richards, the other Illustra security guards realize they were unwitting accessories to burglary and thus have no problem putting the cuffs on their employers.
* FourEyesZeroSoul: Richards.
* IWantMyMommy: Felix when he gets hauled away near the end during his VillainousBreakdown.
* {{Jerkass}}: Arguably, Switcher's boss at the mannequin factory in the beginning of the film. He fired Switcher because he cared about "quantity", ''not'' Switcher's artistic talent. The same goes for the later bosses at Switcher's take of numerous odd jobs.
** Mr Richards also counts.
* LameRhymeDodge: Switcher quickly covers with "Nice hall" after Richards overhears him calling him an asshole.
* LargeHam: Hollywood. James Spader has fun as Mr. Richards. Also Felix (G.W. Bailey) and Armand.
* LiteralAssKissing: An accidental case of this in the movie, as when two guys, Richards and Felix, plan to have Jonathan Switcher work for a competing fashion clothing store by stealing mannequins from the Prince & Company display window, Richards has his mouth buried in a mannequin's behind while carrying it.
* TheLoinsSleepTonight: When Roxy submits to her AbhorrentAdmirer, she goes about it so abhorrently that he is unable to perform.
* TheMole: Richards is secretly working for [[EvilCounterpart B.J. Wert]]. Claire didnít know this at the time she fired him and Felix, however.
* MummyWrap: Ema somehow did this to ''herself'' to hide in a tomb back in ancient Egypt.
* PerceptionFilter: No one can see the mannequin alive and moving except Switcher (until his desperate act to save her and ThePowerOfLove breaks her curse).
* PetHomosexual: Hollywood Montrose.
* PicturePerfectPresentation: At the end, in imitation of how the mannequin had been posing and going from life to mannequin, she, Switcher, Hollywood, and the store owner all pose as part of a wedding-themed store window before "coming alive" to finish the actual wedding with the priest.
* PrettyInMink: When the leads are goofing around the store, in one part they hang around the fur department and Ema wears a huge fur coat, then flashes her undies underneath.
* ProfessionalButtKisser: Mr. Richards.
* PygmalionPlot: Almost literally.
* QueerPeopleAreFunny: Hollywood is played as camp, although in ways meant to laugh with him more than at him.
* RebelliousPrincess: Ema placed herself under a curse because she doesn't want to be forced in an ArrangedMarriage.
* TheRival: Illustra to Prince & Company.
* RuleOfFunny: They didn't even try to go for accuracy with AncientEgypt. It was all evidently for laughs.
* [[SavingTheOrphanage Saving the Department Store]]: There's a level of this occurring in what Switcher does at Prince & Company, since by being able to finally use his creativity, he designs mannequin windows that wow the crowds and revitalize the store -- which had, thanks to TheRival Illustra and a lack of imagination, been doing very poorly (ironically now the case for Illustra) and was in danger of closing. He becomes Vice President, when Richards is fired, for it.
* SecretChaser: Felix. By the time he knows for a fact the (now-living) woman in front of him is the mannequin but he can't prove it and [[CassandraTruth no one will believe him]], he seems [[VillainousBreakdown pretty close to a nervous breakdown]].
* SecretKeeper: Claire tells Switcher that she knows ''something'' going on between him and Ema.
* SexyCoatFlashing: Switcher and Ema act like an affluent, but bored, married couple when they are playing around in the store. Ema then flashes the fur coat she is wearing to show her bra and panties.
* ShapeshiftingExcludesClothing: The mummy bandages that are left after our protagonist gets whisked away magically.
* StarvingArtist: Switcher. It's implied that only an true artist could have brought Ema to life.
* TakeMyHand: During the finale, saving the mannequin from the [[ConveyorBeltODoom assembly line chopper]].
* VanityLicensePlate: Hollywood's plate reads "BADGIRL".
* WomanScorned: Roxie, who (more for this reason than because she works for Illustra) ends up trying to vengefully destroy the mannequin girl for whom Switcher jilted her. (Though naturally, she was shown to be shallow as a puddle, vain, and dismissive of his talents and future prospects to justify this.)
!!The sequel contains examples of:
* BigBad: Count Gunther Spretzle.
* CurseEscapeClause: Jessie will be restored to life either once a thousand years pass, or if she finds love in a foreign land.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: Jessie.
* IdenticalGrandson: Jessie briefly mistakes Jason for William, and it's implied that he IS William's descendant.
* ParentalMarriageVeto: William's mother disapproves of his love for Jessie so much that she has the poor girl turned into a wooden statue.
* {{Ruritania}}: Hauptmann-Koenig.
* SecondLove: Jason for Jessie.
* TakenForGranite: Well, taken for ''wood'', actually - the curse turns Jessie into a wooden icon.
* UptownGirl: Prince William is a Gender Flipped example for peasant girl Jessie.