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Film: Man-Eater
Maneater is a direct-to-video horror film from 2009. Funnily enough, the monster eats humans. The film stars Dean Cain, Cristopher Darga and Saginaw Grant as a trio of policemen hunting down a mysterious killer in a small town next door to an Indian Reservation. Harry, our protagonist, is a former FBI agent who moves to get a break from the Copious amounts of bloodletting and danger that comes with his job.

When the town you move to harbors a supernatural cannibal spirit, you've picked the wrong town.

This film contains examples of :

  • Agent Mulder: Harry - Pretty much automatically believes the whole "it's not a bear" thing, to the point where he starts screaming at a guy because he won't admit that the killer is a Wendigo.
    • Possibly justfied as Harry is a former FBI profiler who knows through analysis it couldn't have been a bear and some "almost human" DNA was located at the first crime scene.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Harry was cheated on by his wife, leading him to believe that he might be the Wendigo, as the creature can manifest itself after personal betrayal.
  • Death by Sex: Being as the Wendigo hunts down the impure as its prey, this is kind of expected. Examples: The Wendigo's first victims get turned into beefsteak. The Wendigo stalks Kay and her boyfriend outside their bedroom window when they have sex at a party, and even manages to get into Pearl's house when she's getting it on.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: The Wendigo has a pair of these, in a lovely, bloodthirsty shade of sky blue.
  • Overprotective Dad: Harry, to the extreme. Pearl: "I was out killing the bear, and you're worried about me F***ING?!"
  • Pervert Dad: Subverted, when a fellow officer comments "She's not your wife, Harry!" See Overprotective Dad.
  • Son of a Whore: Stanley, and his wendigo transformations are instigated by his discovery of this.
  • Split Personality Takeover: Happens to Red Bear when he finds out his wife cheated on him, turning him into a Wendigo. Also happens to Stanley and Zeus.
  • Wendigo: The name given to the film's creature. Mostly similar to the original myth, with some added superpowers.
  • Windows of the Soul: Don't look into its eyes, or you will become one yourself...

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