->'''Mikey''': So they come in different sizes? [[GagBoobs What are these? Jumbos?]]\\
'''James''': Are you thinking what I'm thinking?\\
'''Mikey''': Yeah. Lunch!

A 1989 comedy film directed by Amy Heckerling and starring Creator/JohnTravolta, Creator/KirstieAlley, and the voice of Creator/BruceWillis.

Mollie Jensen (Alley) is an accountant living in New York City. She's been having an affair for quite some time with a wealthy married client, Albert (George Segal), who continuously makes excuses for why he hasn't left his wife yet. Mollie ends up pregnant, and Albert promises to support both her and the baby.

But then, she finds Albert with another woman. The shock sends her into labor, and she is forced to take a cab driven by James Ubriacco (Travolta) to the hospital. James is a nice guy, sticking around and providing support all through the birth. A few days after, he shows up at her apartment to return her purse, which she had left in the cab. He immediately hits it off with Mollie's newborn son Mikey (Willis). Eventually, a relationship develops between the two adults, with baby Mikey commenting on it all the way.

Let's face it, the real appeal is not in the romantic comedy plot line, but the fact that this time, we get the baby's POV on the matter. For the most part, it's ActuallyPrettyFunny.

Followed by two sequels, with diminishing returns. Also spawned a short-lived SpiritualSuccessor sitcom, ''Baby Talk'', which ran for two seasons from 1991-1992. While the sitcom was a different continuity and none of the film's characters appear, the characters were created by Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed the first film.

* AccidentalMisnaming: Albert keeps calling Mikey "Mickey".
* AdultFear: James and Mollie freak when Mikey wanders off towards the end of the movie, even more so when they see him walking in a busy street.
* AnswerCut: When Molly calls the police thinking Mikey's been kidnapped, she says it's either that or with someone who's a complete idiot. Cut to James taking Mikey to work with him while Molly was asleep.
* BadDate: Molly has one, thanks to a "little helpful advice" from the babysitter.
* ButWeUsedACondom: Mollie has a diaphragm, it just doesn't seem to do her any good.
* CallBack:
-->'''Albert:''' I'm going through a selfish phase.\\
'''Molly:''' A selfish phase?!\\\
'''Albert:''' I'm trying to be honest! I thought you'd understand!\\
'''Molly:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh, I understand. I understand that you're going through a selfish phase.]]
* ChekhovsGun: When James first visits Mollie after she gave birth to Mikey, he returns her purse, which she left in his cab while in labor. He mentions her diaphragm was inside. [[spoiler:In the second film, James and Mollie conceive Julie despite the fact that [[ButWeUsedACondom she was wearing that diaphragm]].]]
* ChekhovsSkill: James's ability to [[DrivesLikeCrazy drive crazy]] but efficiently comes back when they need to chase down a runaway Mikey.
* DarkerAndEdgier: ''Look Who's Talking, Too!''
* DeadpanSnarker: Lots of Mikey's commentary falls into this.
* DoubleEntendre: The entire scene when James is taking the splinter out of Mollie's hand and her mother hears outside the apartment door. Made even better when James zips his pants as he walks out.
* EskimosArentReal: Somewhat averted in ''LookWhosTalking Too''. Baby Mikey is sitting awake at night scared. He lists various things he's worried about, and that they aren't real. This includes monsters, ghosts, witches, and dinosaurs. He knows that one of them ''used'' to be real, but can't remember which. Justified, since he is a baby.
* EvilSoundsDeep: When an unconcerned nurse tells Molly to calm her breathing during her contractions ("You're not in aerobics class"), Molly's voice goes to DemonicPossession levels screaming '''FUCK MY BREATHING!'''
* GilliganCut: After Mollie vows aloud that she will not develop Postpartum Depression, the scene cuts abruptly to her crying uncontrollably.
* ImagineSpot: Several.
* InnocentInaccurate: Mikey is prone to these (being an infant and all). He thinks boobs are ''only'' there for food, for example. (He ''does'' have a point, to be fair.)
-->'''James:''' Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?\\
'''Mikey:''' Yeah. Lunch!
* InnocentInnuendo: A funny scene when they are trying to get a splinter out while Molly's mom is outside.
-->'''Molly''': Ooh! I've never had one that big in me!
** To make matters worse, when James leaves her apartment, he non-chalantly zips up his jeans ''right in front of her mother''.
* InfantImmortality: When Mikey wanders out into a busy New York City street, cars rush past him and crash all around him. He doesn't have a scratch.
** Though at least Jimmy and Molly are both astounded by this rather than taking it as a given.
* InstantBirthJustAddWater: Subverted, but Jimmy believes the trope to be true. Jimmy starts driving like a mad man when he finds out his fare (Mollie) is in labor, and doubles down on the madness when her water breaks. She yells at him to calm down and drive safe, the first stages of labor can take hours. He replies that the ''traffic'' in that area of town can take hours as well. Mollie was right, they get to the hospital in plenty of time.
* JumpOffABridgeRebuttal
-->'''Albert:''' Mollie, I'll burst if I don't kiss you soon.\\
'''Mollie''' (in an ImagineSpot): Tough.\\
'''Albert:''' *[[YourHeadAsplode head explodes]]*
* LawOfInverseFertility: Mollie never plans her pregnancies.
* LightBulbJoke: A conversation between Mikey and two other babies in the park centers around this.
--> '''Mikey''': How many babies does it take to screw in a light bulb?\\
'''Park Baby 1''': How many?\\
'''Mikey''': Whatís a light bulb?\\
''<<Mikey and Park Baby 1 laugh>>''\\
'''Park Baby 2''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I donít get it]].
* MorningSickness: Mollie's first clue to her conception. Once the "sperm race to fertilize" sequence ends, we're "greeted" by a shot of Mollie puking her guts out.
* MyBiologicalClockIsTicking: Told to Mollie by her [=OB/GYN=] when she finds out about her first pregnancy. This leads to a nightmare where she's hanging from a clock tower.
* NiceGuy: James.
* NiceToTheWaiter: Mollie starts dating several men and discarding them by imagining how they would behave with her son, Mikey, judging on how they treat the waiter.
* OutOfContextEavesdropping: James pulls out a splinter from Molly's finger. Her mother overhears and assume they're having sex. When James comes out, he ''zips his fly''.
* ParentalSubstitute: James to Mikey.
* PrecisionFStrike: Molly's demonic '''FUCK MY BREATHING!''' during her labor.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: After learning that Mollie lied about having an artificial insemination, James and Mollie got into an argument. Mollie tells him Albert has a right to see his son and tells James he's too immature to be a dad. Then James calls her out for using Mikey to push other guys away.
* StrawCharacter: Molly's brother, representing everything a New Yorker should ''not'' believe.
* TimeSkip: The first film has Mikey aging a couple of years.
* WhatTheHellHero: James calling out Mollie's decision to get pregnant with a married man's child and calling it irresponsible. He's the first to point out how hypocritical she comes off sometimes.
* YourCheatingHeart: Albert is a philanderer who's seeing at least two women on the side.
* YoureDrinkingBreastMilk: Jimmy does a SpitTake when Mollie informs him the bottled milk he put in his coffee is her breast milk.
-->'''Jimmy:''' Why didn't you tell me?\\
'''Mikey:''' Hey, you're on your own!