Film: Learning To Lie

" Sometimes when I drive through the city or walk down a street, there's a man standing in the corner. He's just standing there, and looks - but when he feels someone looking at him, he thinks himself caught in the act. You can also see them in front of gymnasiums or bus stops - completely normal men who just stand there and look. But what do they think about? What are they looking for? The past, maybe? On September 26, 1998, I once again noticed one of these men. But this time it was different than usually. For that man was me. And as I knew later, this was to be the end of my life as a cowardly slacker incapable of connecting. From this moment on, I was to be released from the curse, and become an adult at last."

Learning To Lie (Liegen Lernen) is a 2003 German movie based on the book of the same name, taking place in the decade before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall and narrates the Coming-of-Age Story of Helmut, a young man whose life took a different turn one day, years ago, in high school. Nothing to do with actual lies ("liegen" means "to lie down, to be lying down" in German) , or The Invention of Lying.

Similar in tone and message to (500) Days of Summer in its Deconstruction of classical romcom love and showing the darker sides of idealising a love interest, it's also reminescent of The Spanish Inn in its description of student life - despite preceding them bothnote 

This film contains examples of the following tropes: