''Laws of Attraction'' is a 2004 RomanticComedy film starring Creator/PierceBrosnan and Creator/JulianneMoore as top divorce attorneys who go head-to-head in some of the most high-profile divorce cases in the country. Along the way much BelligerentSexualTension is had, SlapSlapKiss ensues, and an AccidentalMarriage becomes a real one.

Okay, to be more precise:

Audrey Woods (Moore) is the best divorce attorney in the state of New York. She knows it. The rest of the New York bar knows it. And the high-profile celebs and athletes who want a divorce this week know it.

Enter Daniel Rafferty (Brosnan), a BunnyEarsLawyer who has just come back from California to resume practicing in New York, whereupon he makes his office above a little food shop in Chinatown. He rubs Audrey in all the wrong ways... except, of course, when he's rubbing her in all the right ones.

Time and time again they find themselves as opposing counsel in high-profile divorce cases, until one case requires them to go to Ireland to evaluate the couple's castle and see who gets it in the settlement. While they're there they attend a local festival and get smashing drunk, whereupon they get married.

Once back in the States, they decide to make a go of the whole marriage thing - in order to keep up appearances, you know - and it goes along fairly swimmingly... until Daniel drags their personal life into their professional one and brings up something he shouldn't have known in the middle of the case, where the whole thing falls apart.

Will Daniel and Audrey make up? Can she ever forgive him? Will they [[spoiler:actually get married, since that festival marriage wasn't legal after all]]?

What do you think?

While not particularly memorable, it's a cute little comedy, and Brosnan and Moore are seasoned enough actors to make it believable.
! These Tropes Are Employed:

* BelligerentSexualTension: Arguably the entire point of the film.
* BetaCouple: Thorne and Serena.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Daniel Rafferty. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment When we first meet him]], he's scruffy, disheveled, and ''sleeping in the courtroom'' moments before the trial; his office is an utter mess located above a Chinatown supermarket and he has a penchant for CourtroomAntic and psychological warfare. Yet, within minutes of this unimpressive meeting, he wipes the floor with Audrey, and it's soon learned that he's never lost a case. He also manages to be extremely well respected in his field to the point of not only being invited to prestigious law society dinners, but also managing to convince the head to invite Audrey as well.
* TheFashionista: Serena (a fashion designer), but also Audrey's mother.
* FieryRedhead: Audrey looks controlled and organized, but when you cross her things get ugly.
* HellBentForLeather: Thorne.
* HelloAttorney: Daniel and Audrey
* HilarityEnsues
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: Brosnan, as per usual these days.
* PlayingGertrude: Frances Fisher, who played Audrey's mother, is only 9 years older than Julianne Moore. This is even lampshaded by her insistence that Audrey refer to her as her older sister
* RaceForYourLove: Audrey dashes to the airport to catch up with the departing Daniel. . .only to be too late.
* RunningGag: the [=SnoBalls=], very alcoholic drinks served in shot glasses, Audrey's mother's insistence that Audrey not refer to her as her mother in public.
* SlapSlapKiss. Not just Audrey and Daniel, but also BetaCouple Thorne and Serena.
* {{Oireland}}
* SceneryPorn: Ireland is ''very, very'' pretty. The filmmakers want you to know it. Not to mention New York City, where the rest of the film is set.
* {{Tsundere}}: Audrey. Serena is a more cartoon version of this trope.
* UptightLovesWild: Audrey (uptight) and Daniel (wild).