Film: Kamen Rider Terrifying The Phantom House Of Devil Pass

Kamen Rider Black: Terrifying! The Phantom House of Devil Pass is the second movie based on the Kamen Rider TV series, Kamen Rider Black.

Released on July 9, 1988 (between ep. 38 and 39) as part of the Toei Manga Matsuri film festival. The city of Yūbari, Hokkaidō has become a ghost town following the presence of Shadow Moon and his minions of Gorgom. Makino, a scientist working on Gorgom's top-secret robot experiment, escapes from the evil organization and returns to Tokyo, only to find out that his wife and daughter have been abducted. As Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro travels to Yubari to save Makino's family and liberate the town from Shadow Moon's evil grasp.

This movie contains examples of the following tropes: