Film: Jubilee

Sex, drugs and punk rock. Add violence and time travel and you have Jubilee.

"And the world's your oyster, so swallow it. "
— Crabs

Jubilee was a 1978 film by Derek Jarman, starring Jordan [Born Pamela Rooke], Nell Campbell [from The Rocky Horror Picture Show] and Adam Ant. Queen Elizabeth I asks her court physician, John Dee, to show her what England will be like in the future. The resulting spell propels them 400 years into the future, to find that England has turned into a wasteland riddled by vicious girl gangs and a demented record producer.

This film contains examples of:

  • Awesome McCoolname: Amyl Nitrate, Crabs, Mad, Bod, Chaos, Angel and Sphinx.
  • Bi the Way: Most of the major characters seem to be bisexual.
  • Camp Gay: Jack Birkett as Borgia Ginz goes above and beyond any gay character in this film. He was also blind, which made his movements even more grand.
  • Crapsack World: Future England is a hellhole in which girl gangs roam the streets and slaughter people with near-impunity.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Queen Elizabeth's future reincarnation is Bod, a vicious psychopath.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: With the educational system having become nonexistent, Amyl Nitrate is attempting to compile a new history. She muses that with so few people left to contest her account, she could easily turn Adolf Hitler into a hero and Winston Churchill into a villain if she wanted to.
  • Incest Subtext: The twins Angel and Sphinx are extremely close.
  • Out with a Bang: Bod and Mad kill one of Crabs' paramours just before he reaches orgasm, because Crabs is too stupid to take birth control and they don't need a pregnant girl in their gang.
  • Punk Rock: It's in the tagline for the movie, plus Adam Ant's musical performance.
  • Really Gets Around: Crabs got her name for a reason...
  • Shout-Out: In her opening speech, Amyl Nitrate tells us that her favourite song is "Don't Dream It, Be It". That song was written for The Rocky Horror Show by co-star Richard O'Brien, who plays court magician John Dee.