[[caption-width-right:350:Pretty much the [[Creator/JessicaAlba only]] [[MsFanservice reason]] [[JustHereForGodzilla to see]] this movie.]]

''Into the Blue'' is a 2005 movie about two lovers, Sam (Creator/JessicaAlba) and Jared (Creator/PaulWalker), who live in the Bahamas. With Jared's pal (Scott Caan) and his ladyfriend (Ashley Scott) they go looking for sunken treasure and find a plane that crashed in the ocean; said plane has lots of drugs on board which some very nasty types want...

Followed by a DirectToDVD sequel in 2009.

!!This movie has examples of:
* AccidentalHero: They all apply for killing the bad guys, but one almost humorous example is when Sam is fighting one of Bates' thugs in the water and a tiger shark comes along and eats him.
* BeachEpisode
* ExcusePlot: It's no secret that this movie is more concerned with the [[FanService visuals]] than the plot.
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks

* MaleGaze: The infamous scenes featuring Alba swimming (which you get to see again behind the closing credits).
** Not to mention Ashley Scott on the deck with the camera looking between her legs.
* MsFanservice: Jessica Alba.
* ToplessnessFromTheBack: Amanda (Ashley Scott's character) in the scene when the police come up to the boat.
* WalkingSwimsuitScene: Almost the entire movie for the main characters.