''Ils'' (''Them'' in English) is a 2006 French horror film set in a remote country setting of Romania.

Clémentine (Olivia Bonamy) is a French teacher who has recently moved to Romania with her partner Lucas (Michael Cohen). One night, they hear strange noises and investigate.

Not to be confused with ''Film/{{Them}}'', a 1950s creature feature, ''Film/{{They}}'', a thriller from the early 2000s, or the 2008 horror film ''Film/TheStrangers'', which has a similar premise. Also not to be confused with ''Manga/{{Is}}'', which is a high school romance (free of any horror).

'''Warning: Contains unmarked spoilers.'''

!!Provides Examples Of:

* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: Justified/Averted/Played Straight, whether they are mere sewers (played straight) storm drains (justified, as they need to be larger to allow greater flow of water) or maintenance tunnels underneath a highway (averted, as they are meant to be accessible to people.)
* BloodlessCarnage: For the film, anyway. Despite being ''terrifying'', the film is almost completely goreless. What is shown is very subtle, and not {{Squick}}-inducing at all.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Averted to hell and back.
* DangerTakesABackseat: Happens in the prologue.
* DownerEnding: Clémentine and Lucas are both murdered by the children.
* EyeScream: Subverted. A sharp implement is thrust towards Clémentine's eye, but she quickly jerks away just in time.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Quite a bit, including the shot of Lucas turning off a TV, which has the hallway reflected in the screen, while the program has a child running past the area the reflection covers.
* FromBadToWorse: If Clémentine thought getting her car stolen was bad...
* HopeSpot: In the form of a light at the end of a grated-shut tunnel.
* HotTeacher: Clémentine.
* IdiotBall: Averted. The characters don't seem to even own one. They do all the right things, but their tormenters are just very good at being one-step ahead.
* KarmaHoudini: Subverted. The killers aren't shown getting arrested in the film itself, but the text at the end states that they were eventually caught.
* NothingIsScarier: The intruder's main method of torment.
* TheReveal: The killers are children. Young children, who just want to "play."
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory: Played straight.