''Hana-Bi'' (original title 花火, released in the US as ''Fireworks'') is a Japanese film directed by Creator/TakeshiKitano and released in 1997.

Nishi, a police detective with a violent temper, has quit his job after an incident that left his partner permanently wheelchair-bound. Upon learning that his wife has leukemia, he decides to help her spend what time she has left enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

!!Contains examples of:

* BankRobbery: Nishi pulls it off on his own, without firing a shot nor saying a word.
* CoolShades: Nishi wears them all the time.
* EyeScream: Nishi does this to one of the {{Yakuza}} thugs that has come to collect the interest he owes them. With a pair of chopsticks. Both in the same eye.
* GoryDiscretionShot: Instead of showing the violent scenes themselves, the film abruptly cuts to the immediate aftermath.
* IllGirl: Or rather ill woman -- Nishi's wife.
* LiteralAssKicking
* TwitchyEye: Nishi's outbursts of violence are foreshadowed by his telltale eye twitch.
* TheVoiceless: Nishi hardly ever speaks. He prefers to stare wordlessly and intimidate his interlocutors. And if intimidation doesn't work, that's where violence comes in.
* {{Yakuza}}