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Film: Guinea Pig
The Guinea Pig films are a series of torture porn movies made by Hideshi Hino. They were based on his manga work. They were also extremely controversial. The second film was accused of being a snuff film, however, it has been proven that it is not an actual snuff film.

These films inspired the psychotic killer, Tsutomu Miyazaki. He killed people in the same ways as his favorite scenes from the movies.

It was also the inspiration for Tumbling Doll Of Flesh.
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    The Devil's Experiment 

3 unnamed men run an "experiment" on a woman to see how much torture the human body can endure.

    Flowers of Flesh and Blood 

A psychotic killer dressed like a samurai injects a woman with drugs and starts mutilating her.

    He Never Dies 

Some guy tries to commit suicide but then he realizes that he can regenerate and he can't feel pain. So, he uses this to scare people.

    Mermaid in a Manhole 

    Android of Notre Dame 

    Devil Woman Doctor 

    Slaughter Special 

The final film in the Guinea Pig series. It is a collaboration of all of the goriest moments from the previous films.

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