-->"''To be honest, I'm kind of hoping that he [Godzilla] '''does''' show up again. Otherwise, I'll be out of a job.''"
--> ~ Lt. Goro Gondo

The seventeenth ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' film and sequel to ''Film/TheReturnOfGodzilla''. This film is notable for introducing psychic Miki Saegusa, who would go on to become the longest serving human character in the Godzilla series. The story originates from a script contest Creator/{{Toho}} held, which was eventually won by a dentist. While no means a classic, the film is praised for being a creative and imaginative entry. This would be the last Godzilla film to be distributed to the United States due to the incident with ''Film/GodzillaVsKingGhidorah'', which would not be released until 1998 to tie in with the [[Film/{{Godzilla 1998}} first American film]]. The film is, rather imaginatively, titled ''Gojira tai Biorante'' in Japan.

World politics are kept and joined with the dark underbelly of energy revolution and espionage. After Godzilla's rampage in Tokyo, various groups scramble to get their hands on Godzilla's cells for their own profit. In spite of four years passing since Godzilla's fall into Mt. Mihara the Japanese have created counter measures for Godzilla and wish to use his cells to create a defense against him, with fears they will create a greater threat. However, Dr. Shiragami has already taken one step too far into learning the unknown...

Then there's a plant monster.

!! This film contains examples of:

* ActionizedSequel: The opening and any scenes with the Sardarian agent.
* AdultFear: Erika's death. Imagine you're in a building and your daughter is in another building. Suddenly, a bomb goes off in the building your daughter is working in.
** It happens again when Shirigami is essentially watching his daughter die twice, both at the hands of Godzilla.
* AllThereInTheManual: The Manga adaptation explains that Miki's parents were killed during Godzilla's attack on Tokyo in 1984.
* AssholeVictim: The American soldiers who get killed in the opening by the Saradian agent.
* {{Badass}}: Gondo and [=SSS9=].
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: In the page quote, Gondo hopes that Godzilla will actually return, or else his job will be pointless. Unfortunately for him, Godzilla ''does'' return. At least he spouts off a great one-liner before Godzilla kills him.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: A bad guy variation. While he and his accomplice are trying to steal information regarding the Anti-nuclear bacteria and gets into a gunfight with the Saradian agent, Biollante (before she becomes the size of Godzilla), kills him.
* ConservationOfNinjutsu: How the human action goes at the start of the film... 1 Agent>3 Foreign Mercenaries>A bunch of Japanese military.
* CoolShades: [=SSS9=] is only seen once without them.
* DynamicEntry: Godzilla escapes from Mt. Mihara with explosions all around him, along with Ifukube fanfare playing in the background.
* EurekaMoment: Kirishima has one when Asuka tells him about the hospital needing to keep the generators cool. He realizes why the ANEB isn't working in Godzilla because of this.
* FacingTheBulletsOneLiner: Lt. Gondo manages to get one last quip in before he is killed by Godzilla. The HK dub's equivalent is pretty memorable too.
--> Gondo: "Medicine works better if you take it orally, doesn't it Mr. Godzilla?"
* GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke: Explicitly invoked by the movie to the point that it becomes one of the major themes. Humanity just can't help but use science to create new weapons.
* GratuitousEnglish: A couple of examples in the original unfortunately, most egregiously by the Saradian characters.
* HumansAreTheRealMonsters: "Godzilla and Biollante aren't monsters. It's the unscrupulous scientists who create them who are monsters."
* ImpaledPalm: Godzilla gets one courtesy of Biollante during their second battle. Ouch.
* ImplacableMan: The Saradian agent, [=SSS9=]. To him, Godzilla attacking the city that he's in is just a mild inconvenience.
* KillTheCutie: Poor Erika.
* LighterAndSofter: Still very, very dark and only lighter because there isn't a nuclear war hanging over the entire film.
* KarmaHoudini: The Agent is killed but the man who was paying him to kill people and indirectly cause Godzilla's release is not shown getting punished.
* MadScientist: Dr. Shiragami, while more sane than most, still falls victim to this. Mixing Godzilla cells with rose cells, really, what's the worst that could happen?
* MidSeasonUpgrade: The Super-X 2. Unfortunately, the fire-mirror only works for a short while, and it doesn't have any cadmium or flares to distract the monster.
* MundaneUtility: The human elements of the plot are centered around the development of the Ant-Nuclear-Energy-Bacteria, which were developed from Godzilla's cells to make use of his ability to metabolize radiation as a means of cleaning up radioactive fallout.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: The first time Godzilla uses his thermo shockwave trick. For the rest of the 90s he used it roughly once per movie.
** It was even given an official name by Toho, the Nuclear Pulse.
* [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Nice Job Breaking It, Villain]]: [=SSS9=], the Saradian agent, is responsible for Godzilla's return when he prematurely kills the American agent before he can turn off the detonator in the truck. He also is responsible for stealing the Godzilla cells from the American spies in the beginning of the film. In many ways, [=SSS9=] is indirectly responsible for most of the action in the film.
* NightmareFuelColoringBook: There's a scene where an entire class of psychic school children hold up drawings of Godzilla emerging from the volcano he was imprisoned in the last movie. Seeing as how it was all their dream, it also counts as DreamingOfThingsToCome.
** At the end of the film, their teacher, Miki Saegusa, is seen drawing a rose in space, which foreshadows the eventual fate of Biollante.
* NoNameGiven: The Saradian agent. Hell, even his codename, [=SSS9=], is never spoken onscreen.
* Precision F Strike: "Shit! Damn! We're the lethal weapon!"
* {{Planimal}}: Biollante naturally.
* {{Qurac}}: Saradia, a rather transparent stand-in for Saudi Arabia.
* OhCrap: The above mentioned scene featuring the psyshic children.
** Shiragami has a subtle one when he discovers his little genetic experiment may not have gone entirely as planned.
--> "Yes, I thought... I think now I may have made a mistake." *shot of Lake Ashino framed through the wrecked lab wall*
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Major Kuroki has a much better grasp on how to combat Godzilla than his superiors, though he still ends up making a few mistakes.
* SealedBadassInACan: Godzilla, who begins the film trapped in the same volcano he was imprisoned in at the end of the previous film.
* TemptingFate: Dammit, Gondo. Being cool is not going to protect you from an 80 meter tall, pissed off dinosaur that you just shot in the mouth.
* VertigoEffect: Used during Miki's already bizarre psychic confrontation with Godzilla.