''Forever Evil'', while not a classic by any means, is a DirectToVideo movie notable for the fact that the man who wrote it has since put up [[http://www.stomptokyo.com/badmoviereport/making.html his own account]] of the movie's creation. It's actually a fairly interesting read.

The story concerns UnlikelyHero Marc Denning, who, as we open, is not only expecting a child by his girlfriend, but also expecting to make a killing in the hiking market, thanks to a device called the Emergency Grappling System. To that end, he has planned a celebratory gathering in the woodland retreat he has just sold. The invites have gone out to his girlfriend Holly, brother Jason, Jason's girlfriend Julie, and their friends Robert and Jeanne. Everyone except Marc is slaughtered, both by these weird GlowingEyesOfDoom and a weird-looking Zombie.

Some time later, Marc awakens in hospital, where he meets a fellow survivor, Reggie, and Lt. Leo Ball, who is investigating the massacre. Together, the three, with clues left by a man named Ben Magnus ([[DeathByCameo played by writer Freeman Williams]]) discover that the killings have something to do with a monster named Yog Kothag.

While the movie is a failure, it is an interesting take on the typical 1980s slasher flick, as the story picks up where most such movies end. And, despite the [[SpecialEffectFailure obvious FX]], some scenes manage to be fairly unnerving.

[[NamesTheSame Unrelated to the]] Creator/DCComics CrisisCrossover [[ComicBook/ForeverEvil of the same name]] published in 2013.
!!This movie contains examples of:

* DeathByCameo: Anyone who's seen the film (and, in the original cut, ''the first five minutes'') will know all about the guy who gets zapped by the giant mutant Jawa. That's writer Freeman Williams, who only appears because it's a Demo Reel.
* DevelopingDoomedCharacters: Inverted: the opening twenty minutes has people dying, the remaining ninety has a bunch of guys dicking around before throwing a rock and stabbing a guy.
* FinalGirl: Marc and Reggie both qualify.
* GrapplingHookGun: The Emergency Grappling System is a shoulder-mounted variant.
* LetsSplitUpGang: Averted. The gang pretty much stays together. Not that it matters.
* PreMortemOneLiner: "Right here, asshole!"
* SpoilerOpening: The DirectorsCut opens showing [[spoiler:Reggie carrying Marc's dead body out of Parker Nash's office.]]
* ThrowAwayGuns: Averted. Magnus' gun does leave his hands and fly through the air, but it's because the giant mutant Jawa pulls it out with telekinesis.
* TraumaticCSection: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuUKFaQ0XRY I've decided to keep the baby!]]"