A 1991 RoadTripPlot comedy written by Creator/JohnHughes, directed by Peter Faiman, and starring Creator/EdONeill in the title role.

As a favor for his new divorcee girlfriend Natalie ([=JoBeth=] Williams), working-class construction company owner Dutch Dooley offers to pick up her troubled son Doyle (Ethan Embry) from a special school and take him home for Thanksgiving. Upon arriving at his prep school, Dutch quickly finds that Doyle is ''not'' a nice kid, and has unwavering faith (or perhaps just stubbornness) that his father will show up. Dutch quickly gives up on trying to ingratiate himself to the kid, but sticks it out for his girlfriend's sake. HilarityEnsues.


!!Tropes in the film include:

* AccidentalMisnaming: Dutch continually misnames Doyle; Doyle stops correcting him after a bit.
* AccidentalPervert: Doyle falls asleep on Brock's boobs.
* BlackComedy: [[spoiler:The ending]].
* BrokenPedestal: For Doyle, when he finds that [[spoiler: not only is his Dad ''not'' in London as he claimed for his reason for not spending the holiday with Doyle, but he's sleeping with another woman]].
* BunnyEarsPicturePrank: In the movie's poster; see above.
* ChekhovsGun: Dutch's pinky ring, and the pellet gun he confiscates from Doyle.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Dutch decides to pit his self-described "good old All-American street fighting" against Doyle's "high brown belt." Doyle gets the better of a couple encounters because Dutch doesn't take him seriously enough. Later Dutch shows him how to form a proper fist when punching.
* GilliganCut: Doyle insists that he's not going anywhere with Dutch... cut to his being hauled out of the school tied up and gagged with a pair of underwear in his mouth.
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Two of 'em, who pick up Dutch and Doyle when they try hitchhiking. [[spoiler: Subverted when they take advantage of Doyle's [[DistractedByTheSexy young, inquisitive nature]] to rob Dutch while he's sleeping, revealing their nature as a couple of hustlers. Dutch sees right through their act and tells Doyle one morning at breakfast... just before they drive off with his wallet.]]
* JerkAss: The two rent-a-cops at the truck depot. [[spoiler: Doyle and Dutch get out of there by pretending to be a schizophrenic killer and his friend.]]
** The horrible, bitchy old hostess at the fancy restaurant our heroes enter to use the washroom. The couple she was trying to "protect" from Dutch and Doyle are so disgusted by the way she treats them that they immediately end their patronage to help the two out.
* MegatonPunch: After [[spoiler: the incident with the semi]], Doyle picks a fight with Dutch, but with Kung Fu style. Dutch tries to show Doyle how to fight all-American with closed fist and loose stance... he catches on pretty quick. Ow!
* NotSoAboveItAll:
** The first event that shows this in Doyle is his interest in Dutch's fireworks, which he has to work hard to conceal.
** Also, Dutch talks a lot of game about not caring about Doyle, but when [[spoiler: Dutch believes Doyle's been killed in a semi-trailer crash]], he shows a lot of concern. Of course then it's revealed that [[spoiler: [[JerkAss Doyle was pranking Dutch]], getting him back for abandoning him on the side of the road a bit before.]]
* SpoiledBrat: Subverted. Doyle at first appears to be spoiled, but he's actually neglected by his father without realizing it.