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''Dolemite'' is a 1975 blaxploitation feature film, following the titular character, played by Rudy Ray Moore, who co-wrote the film and its soundtrack. The film was directed by D'Urville Martin and distributed by Dimension Pictures Inc.. A sequel film, ''The Human Tornado'', was later produced.

The film follows Dolemite, initially jailed due to being framed by crooked cops hired by his rival, Willie Green. The film opens to the prison warden calling Dolemite up to his office and offering him his freedom if he can help gather evidence supporting the theory that he didn't commit the crime. Dolemite returns to his life as a pimp and is harassed by the cops who framed him, the movie proceeds to follow a nonsensical and convoluted plot that amounts to little.

!!Tropes associated with this work:

%%* AfroAsskicker: Dolemite.
%%* {{Action Girl}}s and AmazonBrigade: The karate hookers.
* ArtisticLicenseMartialArts: Like so much else, parodied. At one point in ''Human Tornado'', Dolemite leaps up 2 stories just to strike faux martial arts poses and spout gibberish, than jumps back down and continues to fight as if it never happened.
%%* BizarreAndImprobableBallistics
%%* {{Blaxploitation}}
* BreakingTheFourthWall: At one point in ''Human Tornado'', the movie ''does its own instant replay''.
%%* CharacterTitle
* ClusterFBomb: "Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motherfuckers is my game!"
%%* CorruptCop: Mitchell and White.
* FanDisservice: We get to see the corrupt mayor in all of his ''naked'' glory.
* FanSequel: Mad Tv's Son of Dolemite.
%%* GratuitousIambicPentameter
%%* JiveTurkey
* {{Homage}}: A wrestler on the United States independent scene goes by the Human Tornado.
* MercyKill: The FBI agent puts Willie Green out of his misery by shooting him. ''Twice''.
%%* NominalHero: Dolemite.
%%* MightyWhitey
* {{Parody}}: The film is a mockery of the Blaxplotation genre. [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/bt/the-sage/specials/14442-sagesp001 Too many people, including Bennett The Sage, don't realize this.]] It helps to be familiar with Rudy's stand up comedy acts, where Dolemite was a recurring character.
* RhymesOnADime: ''You jivin' motherfuckers would be spoilin' for a fight, if you forgot to mention a badass named Dolemite!''
** Run into the ground in the trailer for the first film:
--> "From the first to the last, I'll give 'em the blast, so fast, that their life is past, before their ass has even hit the grass!"
%%* ScaryBlackMan: Dolemite.
%%* StealthParody: In the first film. It gets a lot more blatant in the sequel.
* VisibleBoomMic: Happens so often you can make a DrinkingGame out of it.