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Film: Dinner for Schmucks
Dinner for Schmucks is a remake of a French comedy, The Dinner Game.

Tim (Paul Rudd) is a member of a highly competitive corporation, filled with sadistic bosses, cutthroat coworkers, and devoted secretaries. He works day in, day out, to make enough money to support his girlfriend, Julie, who he loves dearly and desperately wants to make his fiancée. One day a fellow coworker is fired, and immediately people begin to discuss who will take his job. Later, in a presentation, Tim makes a daring move to get respect from his bosses, much to the horror of his coworkers. Surprisingly, it goes incredibly well. They tell him that he's in line for a promotion, if he attends a "dinner for winners", an annual event to find the biggest idiot for comedic purposes.

Meanwhile, Julie has landed a curator deal with an eccentric artist named Kieran. He takes that opportunity to propose, hoping she'll say yes. She turns him down, as it turns out she had done multiple times before. The conversation turns to Tim's potential promotion and, in extension, to the actual "dinner for idiots." She is not very happy with the idea of the dinner, however. He agrees not to do it. Later on, he meets Barry (Steve Carell), a taxidermist who loves to make mice dioramas. Tim has found his idiot. Despite agreeing not to do it, Tim decides to take Barry with him to the dinner.

Before that, though, he takes him to his apartment, where Barry notices Darla IMing him. Assuming that Tim is involved with Darla in some way, Barry makes some flirtacious replies in an attempt to be helpful. Unfortunately, it turns out that Darla is really his Psycho Ex-Girlfriend doubling as a Stalker with a Crush that Tim has been trying to get rid of for quite a while. Meanwhile, Kieran is becoming... fond of Julie as Tim is trying to hide the fact that he's not only going against his agreement with her to not go to the dinner, he's taking Barry as his idiot as well. Along the way, numerous mishaps happen. It also features a blatant ripoff of Aldous Snow.

Dinner for Schmucks provides examples of the following tropes:

Deep ImpactCreator/Dream WorksDisturbia
Death AngelAdministrivia/Needs a Better DescriptionDragon Valor
DevilFilms of the 2010sScum

alternative title(s): Dinner For Schmucks
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