A 1966 English language film directed by Vic Morrow, adapted from a play written by Creator/JeanGenet.

While incarcerated in a hellish French prison, petty thief Lefranc (Creator/LeonardNimoy) competes with his cellmate Maurice (Paul Mazursky) for the [[HoYay attentions]] of their third cellmate, the murderer Greeneyes (Michael Forest).

!!This movie provides examples of :

* CharacterFilibuster: Greeneyes.
%%* DownerEnding
* {{Flashback}}: To the robbery that landed Lefranc in prison.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: [[spoiler: Lefranc finally snaps and strangles Maurice.]]
* SelectiveObliviousness: Greeneyes assumes that when his cellmates ''look'' at him in a not-quite-heterosexual way, it's [[WhatAnIdiot because they're imagining what his girlfriend looks like]].