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->"''So what are we talking about here? A threeway?''"\\
-- Luke

''Cherrybomb'' is a 2010 movie which follows the lives of three teens as they embark on a weekend of sex, drugs and debauchery, with [[RealityEnsues disastrous consequences]].

Irish teenager Malachy (played by Creator/RupertGrint of ''[[Film/HarryPotter Harry Potter]]'' fame), a hardworking straight-A student who feels stifled by his safe, suburban life, becomes infatuated with his Boss' daughter, the beautiful but manipulative Michelle (Kimberly Nixon). Unfortunately, things start to spiral out of control when Malachy's rebellious best mate Luke (Creator/RobertSheehan) also falls for Michelle's charms, and the two boys find their friendship starting to crumble as she encourages them to carry out ever more dangerous acts in their quest to win her affections.

Despite this movie ostensibly dealing with a LoveTriangle, it has been noted by critics, fans, and even cast members that it ''does'' contain a certain [[HoYay homoerotic subtext]]. Lets just say that it has amassed a small but dedicated following of Yaoi fangirls, and [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement leave it at that]].

Not to be confused with the [[NamesTheSame 2011 Indie film of the same name]].

!!This movie contains examples of the following tropes:
* AlcoholicParent: Luke's pathetic, suicidal father is a particularly heartbreaking depiction.
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Played with. Michelle spurs on the boys' rebellious behaviour, but [[spoiler: later rejects the "bad boy" Luke in favour of the more safe, dependable Malachy.]]
* AlmostKiss: Rupert Grint commented in an interview that Luke and Malachy got ''very'' close to kissing each other in one scene. It didn't go unnoticed by the {{Yaoi Fangirl}}s either.
* {{Betty and Veronica}}: Genderswapped with Michelle as the "Archie", having to choose between the male "Betty" (Malachy) and "Veronica" (Luke).
* BingeMontage: The trailer alone...
* BrokenBird: Michelle can be interpreted as this.
%%* CallingTheOldManOut
%%* ComingOfAgeStory
* {{Doting Parent}}s: Malachy's family are extremely supportive and proud of him, to the point where he feels stifled by them, in stark contrast to Michelle's uncaring father, and Luke's nightmarish home life.
%%* DomesticAbuse
%%* DownerEnding
* {{Ephebophile}}: It turns out that [[spoiler:Crilly (Michelle's dad) is sleeping with Donna, his daughter's sixteen-year-old friend.]]
%%* FilleFatale: Michelle.
* GreenEyedMonster: Luke ''really'' seems to resent [[spoiler: the blossoming relationship between Malachy and Michelle.]]
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Luke and Malachy. Although there has been some debate as to whether their relationship is 100% platonic.
%%* LoveTriangle
* MeaningfulName: Luke ("Lock") and Malachy ("Key"). The pair of them also wear lock and key necklaces. Whatever the intended symbolism of this, there is only one inevitable meaning read into it...
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: During the film's crescendo, [[spoiler:Crilly beats Malachy to a bloody pulp. Luke then does the same thing to Crilly, killing him.]]
* OddCouple: Luke and Malachy, in many respects. Malachy is shy, studious, hard-working and comes from a comfortable middle-class family, whereas Luke is a brash, streetwise drug-dealer with no prospects and a horribly dysfunctional home life. It becomes apparent, however, that Luke represents the freedom and confidence that Malachy craves and that he in turn offers Luke some sense of stability.
* ParentalAbandonment: Michelle's estranged parents basically ferry her back and forth between Belfast and London because neither of them can be bothered to look after her. Luke's situation is even more severe - he has no mother, and his dad eventually [[spoiler:leaves town and abandons him entirely.]]
%%* PrettyBoy: Luke.
* SpoilerOpening: The first scene in the movie drops some very heavy hints about the conclusion.
* TooMuchInformation: This piece of dialogue:
-->'''Malachy:''' I don't kiss and tell.
-->'''Luke:''' Come on man I tell you everything. I told you the time Kelly Shiels stuck her finger up my arse...
-->'''Malachy:''' Yes and I did not ''wish'' to know that.
* ToxicFriendInfluence: Malachy's parents view Luke as this.
%%* TroubledButCute: Luke.
* TVTeen: Strongly averted. These teens drink, do drugs, have sex and steal cars. It's like ''Series/{{Skins}}'' for the big screen.
%%* TwoGuysAndAGirl
* WhatDidYouExpectWhenYouNamedIt: You're going to name your leisure centre "'''Titanic''' Leisureplex"? ''[[TemptingFate Really?]]''
%%* WildTeenParty
%%* WrongSideOfTheTracks: Luke.