Film / Catch And Release

Catch and Release is a 2006 drama starring Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Smith, Juliette Lewis and Sam Jaeger. Written and directed by Susannah Grant, it is set and was largely filmed in Boulder, Colorado.

Gray Wheeler (Garner) had found the man of her dreams - Grady was handsome, devoted, interesting, outdoorsy and all she had ever wanted. Six years of engagement had come to an end and Gray was to be happily married to her fly-fishing fiance - she had the dress, the caterer, the flowers, a sympathetic mother-in-law, the blender and the six different waffle irons, the expensive new rental home - until her plans were completely derailed by Grady's unfortunate death.

In the aftermath, Gray moves in with Grady's quirky roommates and navigates the shallows and rapids that remain of Grady's private life. She ends up discovering far more about Grady - and his friends, and her self - than she had imagined possible.