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Film: Captives Of The Three Planets
Приключения Алисы. Пленники трёх планет (The Adventures of Alice: Captives of the Three Planets) is a Russian Science Fiction Action Adventure film starring Darya Melnikova and based on the series Alice, Girl from the Future by Kir Bulychev. The film is not directly based on any one book, but rather attempts to provide an Origin Story for Alisa Selezneva and her father Professor Seleznev. A group of adventurers kidnaps Alisa and the Professor to use in an experiment. They escape, and begin their adventures traveling the galaxy.

Filming began in 2008, but the project has been stuck in Development Hell for the last three years, with all work frozen. All that stands is the teaser, which may be seen here, and a few production stills.


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alternative title(s): Captives Of The Three Planets
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