Film: Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death

A B-Movie starring Bill Maher, Shannon Tweed, Karen Mistal, and Adrienne Barbeau.

America's avocado supply is threatened when tribes of cannibal women who live in the Avocado Jungle (located east of San Bernardino) begin stalking and killing (and eating) men who come into the jungle to harvest avocados... and it's getting dangerously close to the Super Bowl.

Facing the crisis of a Super Bowl without guacamole dip, the U.S. Government commissions ultra-feminist professor Dr. Margo Hunt (Tweed) to infiltrate the jungle and negotiate with the tribe. She takes along her airheaded student Bunny (Mistal), and hires male-chauvinist adventurer Jim (Maher)—the only man brave enough to enter the Avocado Jungle of Death—to be their guide.

Along the way they encounter the Donahews (the only male tribe that the Cannibal Women allow to live in the Avocado Jungle); the Piranha Women, led by former feminist professor Dr. Kurtz (Barbeau); and the Barracuda Women, a rival tribe at war with the Piranha Women over whether men should be eaten with guacamole dip or clam dip.

This movie contains examples of the following tropes: