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'''''Bratz: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Movie]]''''' is a movie based on the popular but controversial line of dolls. It is set in an AlternateUniverse to the CGI films.

The movie follows [[CuteClumsyGirl Cloe]], [[SassyBlackWoman Sasha]], [[ShrinkingViolet Yasmin]] and [[AsianAndNerdy Jade]] as [[DawsonCasting they]] go through high school. After being broken up on the first day, Yasmin decided to take the initiative and bring her group back together and show [[AlphaBitch Meredith]] and her GirlPosse that she doesn't rule the school.

!!This movie shows examples of:

* AlphaBitch: Meredith is trying to out-bitch both Libby from ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' and Tess from ''Film/CampRock'' with songs like 'It's All About Me' and 'FABULOUS'.
* AnAesop: ThePowerOfFriendship RULES! Also, BeYourself and don't let people push you around.
* BondBreaker: Head girl Meredith is set upon driving the Bratz girls apart; after two years, she has succeeded in making them part of her pre-defined cliques, and they can barely speak to each other any more.
* BrokenAesop: The movie is infamous for its promotion of unbridled materialism, since their looks and fashion seem to be the only thing the heroines have in common. This undermines the BeYourself lesson by reducing people to their looks and accessories. No wonder Meridith split the girls up so easily. To make matters worse, pretty much all of the characters are stereotypes of some form or another, which is hardly promoting individuality.
-->-- '''Animat''': The last thing on earth that should tell me about [[BeYourself being myself]] is a toy line that emphasises I'm nothing more than their looks, fashion and going out with boys. This is the equivalent of Hitler telling you to respect other people's beliefs.
** Meredith may be enforcing social stereotypes because she's a dictator and likes to be AlphaBitch, but face it, why wouldn't people with similar interests want to meet each other? It's not as if the Bratz discover they hate the cliques they're pushed into. If you've ever been lonely, you may have encountered groups that explicitly help you meet up with people who share your interests.
* ContrivedCoincidence: Meredith's dog tugs on Cloe's pants, which causes the main characters to get covered in food, thus causing them to hate each other and a massive FoodFight ensues.
* ControlFreak: Meredith, who organises everyone into cliques, [[UpToEleven even the unpopular kids,]] going to ridiculous extremes to discredit anybody who stands in her way.
* EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry: Sasha loves this trope.
* FourGirlEnsemble
* TheGlassesGottaGo: Dexter
* HighSchoolAU: This movie is an AlternateUniverse to a universe set in a high school. It includes pretty much every stereotype you can name [[UpToEleven and even makes up new ones.]]
* HollywoodNerd: Dexter, Jade and the rest of the Nerd clique.
* HollywoodScience: To make a super cool [[SpecialEffectsFailure CGI fireworks]] show just combine three different chemicals in a pseudo smart way!
* InformedFlaw: Cloe's 'clumsiness.' Yes, a klutz is capable of pulling off soccer moves only professionals can barely do. Also, the fact that Cloe is poor. If she's so poor, where did she get all of those clothes, the computer in her bedroom, and the moped she drives to school? (It is never mentioned whether or not she has a job outside of school to make up for it.)
* MakeWayForThePrincess: Meredith ''and'' the Bratz.
* MerchandiseDriven: It's based on a doll line so...yeah.
* TalentShow: The climax.
* TitleDrop: "You... you... BRAAAAATZ!"
* ThePowerOfFriendship: [=BFF=]s WOO!
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Most of the trailers compromise mostly of scenes right from the end of the movie, at the party when the Bratz triumph over Meredith, or from the food fight.
* ProductPlacement: The girls/dolls.
* RichBitch: Meredith.
* WakeupMakeup: It's like they got up and fixed their hair and makeup before re-waking up.
* XtremeKoolLetterz: Averted, apart from Bratz.