Film: Blown Away

This 1994 movie was directed by Stephen Hopkins. It starred Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones.

Ryan Gaerity (Jones), an insane Irish terrorist, escapes from his cell in a castle prison in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, in faraway Boston, Lt. Jimmy Dove (Bridges) is a veteran bomb disposal technician for the Boston Police Department bomb squad. He irritates his captain, partner and everyone else when he plays hero and disarms explosives.

Nobody, except for his uncle Max O'Bannon (Lloyd Bridges), knows of Jimmy's dark past. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jimmy's actual name is Liam McGivney. He had been friends and partners with Gaerity, who, unbeknownst to him, was a freelance terrorist. After a botched attempt to stop Gaerity led to the bomber's imprisonment and the death of his girlfriend (Gaerity's sister), Liam fled to Boston.

Gaerity now comes to Boston to seek vengeance against Jimmy.

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