Film / Bloodsuckers Anonymous

Bloodsuckers Anonymous is an upcoming Student Film, conceptualized, written, and directed by High School Students Garrett Brooks and Anthony Beaulieu, otherwise known as Brooks and Beaulieu for simplicity.

Set in the not-so-distant future, President Kill Bosby passes a law that makes supernatural creatures (who have been outed as real, after all) second rate citizens, when his best friend is mysteriously murdered by a vampire. Unnerved against this prejudiced injustice, a group of vampires come together to fight for their liberty.

Dracula, Count Chocula, Nosferatu, Edward Cullen, The Count (of Sesame Street), and Blacula meet as Bloodsuckers Anonymous. Together with their...helpful allies, the manic Doc Blue and the wild Mayor Romulus Moony (who is secretly a werewolf), the residents of Transylvania, Wisconsin seek to assassinate the President with the aide of legendary vampire John Wilkes Booth, reached by time machine. However, trouble is afoot when they are joined by a Charlotte, a harlot of the 19th century, and President Bosby's malicious VP, Peterkins Pond has his own nefarious plans. Matters are complicated more by the sudden resurface of Dracula's old ex girlfriend-turned-vampire hunter and dentist, Professor Mildred Von Howlett.

An absurdist tale of adventure and bloodsucking brilliance, the film remains in development, to be filmed and released soon. Is also a musical.

This film contains examples of: