A 2003 conspiracy thriller film (similar to ''Film/TheBourneSeries'') directed by Michael Haussman, starring Creator/ValKilmer, Creator/SamShepard, Creator/NeveCampbell, and Creator/FayeDunaway.

A man who wakes up in the desert suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and no idea of who he is. Somehow, though, he knows of a conspiracy to assassinate the U.S. President in a small New Mexican town.

!!Trope examples from this film include:

* AmnesiacDissonance: "Frank", the main character, tries to warn people about a plot against the President which he knows of [[spoiler: since in fact he was one of three hitmen hired to kill him]].
* CassandraTruth: The Secret Service puts a man on hold who is ''reporting a threat to the President?'' (Turns out that they were tracing his call, but they still don't believe him, with his addled state). Also, the doctor speculates "Frank" is making it up from something he read or saw, given his amnesia.
* {{Flashback}}: Recurring and frequent ones for the main character, giving clues to his past.
* ThePlan: [[spoiler: The plan to assassinate the President was actually quite good, and could possibly work. First, they send three hitmen to the town of Blackpoint, New Mexico. Then, a fuel truck is tipped over (made to look like an accident), blocking the highway to force the Presidential motorcade into the town, with the hitmen waiting]].
* TwistEnding: [[spoiler: "Frank" is in fact one of three hitmen hired to kill the President, while "Chloe" is the undercover federal agent that shot him (and then another hitman) to prevent this, posing as his fiancee to find out what he knows]].
* WhoShotJFK: The plot has allusions to conspiracy theories surrounding it. Frank rendezvouses with the other hitman in a movie theatre, which some theorists believe is why Oswald went to one, as a meeting place; there are three hitmen to provide "triangulation of crossfire" as one theory has it, etc.