Film: Besouro

In colonial Brazil during the 1890's, the recently free Black population is downtrodden and abused, their native martial art Capoiera outlawed, feared, and disdained. An influential professorre, however, rebels against the ban to both teach children capoiera and build a self-sufficient community of Blacks surrounding these fighters. At the core, Besouro is your average martial arts flick; The Chosen One thinks he's just the bee's knees until The Master gets murdered on his watch. Fighting ensues. The difference is in the heavy cultural influence of Brazilian history and Akom religion.

Besouro provides examples of:

  • Dance Battler: Given, since the movie is about capoieristas.
  • Spin Attack: Besouro's "signature move" is like a double pirouet aimed at someone's face. The aftermath is plain scary.