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Film: Apaches
Apaches is a 1977 public information film made in the United Kingdom. Intended to show the dangers of playing with farm equipment, this 27 minute long film was distributed to schools throughout the UK. The film was directed by John Mackenzie, written by Neville Smith, and produced by John Arnold & Leon Clore.

It was shot on 16mm film on a Home Counties farm in February 1977, and was created for the Central Office of Information for the Health and Safety Executive by Graphic Films. It was not only shown in schools, but was also broadcast by many ITV companies, particularly by Southern, Westward, and Anglia.

It focuses on six children who pretend to be Apaches (the American Indian tribe) in their make-believe. They play their games on a farm where, one by one, they fall victim to fatal accidents. After that, they continue as if nothing happened, until only one is left.

Oddly, while most of the staff were credited in the film, none of the children who starred in the film were given credit.

Watch Guru Larry's review or, if you prefer, the entire thing here.

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