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Film: Apaches
Apaches is a 1977 public information film made in the United Kingdom. Intended to show the dangers of playing with farm equipment, this film was distributed to a number of schools throughout the United Kingdom.

It focuses on six children who pretend to be Apaches (the American Indian tribe) in their make-believe. They play their games on a farm where, one by one, they fall victim to fatal accidents. After that, they continue as if nothing happened, until only one is left.

Oddly, while a writer (Neville Smith) and director (John Mackenzie) were credited in the film, none of the children who starred in the film were given credit, and their identities remain a mystery to this day.

Watch Guru Larry's review or, if you prefer, the entire thing here.

Tropes featured in the film:

  • Adult Fear - Pure 100% Concentrated This.
  • Deer in the Headlights - Danny's (the narrator) expression every time one of his friends is killed, or about to be.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend - Taken Up to Eleven. When one of the kids dies, the rest are acting in the next scene as if nothing happened.
  • In Memoriam - The film ends with a list of names of real children who died playing on farms.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg - Four out of the six kids get proper introductions. The last two? "Tom, Robert."
  • Posthumous Narration
  • Scream Discretion Shot - Poor Sharon.
  • Time-Delayed Death - The girl accidentally drinks weed killer and just decides to walk it off. It doesn't kick in until late at night.
    • She even spit it out before she could swallow it. Not like it saved her, given the likely ingredients (see the YMMV tab for a bit more elaboration).
  • Too Dumb to Live - Just about all the children. They do stupid things that get them killed, and then keep on doing them.
    • The adults count too, since they let the kids run around their farm without supervision.

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