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[[caption-width-right:350: Our explorers are different.]]

->''Almost History... Almost Legends... Almost Heroes... Mostly Ridiculous.''

This 1998 comedy directed by Creator/ChristopherGuest takes a lighter look at the concept of exploration in the early 1800s.

Leslie Edwards (Creator/MatthewPerry) seeks to trek West, from the United States territory to the Pacific. Unfotunately, he finds himself in a race against the more famous Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and lacking much in the way of the crew. Enter Bartholomew Hunt (Creator/ChrisFarley), a hefty, crass woodsman with a taste for booze. Accompanied by Hunt's hapless cohorts, a Frenchmen and his Indian slave, the band sets out to beat the more famous Lewis and Clark at their own game.

This was Chris Farley's last movie before his premature death. His true final movie, ''Film/DirtyWork'', was released after it (though Farley only had a bit part in ''Dirty Work'', while he was a co-star for this film).

!!This film provides examples of:

%%* AdaptationDistillation: In the historical sense.
%%* ArtisticLicenseGeography: "We can walk to Asia!"
* ArtisticLicensePhysics: Hunt is carried in the air...[[spoiler: by an eagle]]. The saving throw is that it's done for laughs.
%%* BadassGrandpa: "I am one of these braves!"
* BoldExplorer: The whole film basically parodies this trope, as both protagonists want to be bold explorers, but neither is particularly bold.
%%* ChekhovsGag: The eagle.
* CompanionCube: One of the men carries a woman made of straw on the journey (he in fact brought her from a "whorehouse" full of them that they come across), completely convinced she's real.
%%* TheDandy: Leslie Edwards.
%%* DawnOfTheWildWest
%%* DrinkingContest
* {{Envy}}: When Hidalgo tells the captured companions that he's going to cut Shaquinna's hair off and asks them why, Higgins answers is because he's jealous of her hair being more beautiful than his. After we find out that Hidalgo is bald and was only wearing a wig, Higgins may be right.
* FakeHairDrama: After Hidalgo is revealed to have been wearing a wig the entire time.
%%* ForbiddenFruit
%%* IndianMaiden
* {{Narrator}}: Voiced by Creator/HarryShearer.
%%* OutdoorBathPeeping
%%* RuleOfFunny: Hunt's trials in obtaining an egg.