[[caption-width-right:330:[-All she wanted was Santa to reunite her parents.-] ]]

Family comedy about a brother and sister trying to get their parents back together.

Hallie O'Fallon asks Santa to get her parents back together, but thinks it backfires when her mother announces she is engaged to another man. Her brother, Ethan, decides to help after he remembers the good times his family had together.

This film is light on the comedy, but in a restrained manner compared to children's films since then. It's also notable for early roles for EthanEmbry and Creator/ThoraBirch.
!!Provides Examples Of:
* BigApplesauce: Takes place in New York.
* ChristmasMiracle
* CoversAlwaysLie: The poster gives the impression that the kids kidnap Santa and demand tons of presents. It likely may have been influenced by ''HomeAlone'', which came out the previous year.
* ExactWords: Hallie thinks her wish to Santa was this because she said she wanted her parents to get married again, but forgot to add that she meant to each other.
* GuessWhoImMarrying
* HappierHomeMovie
* MallSanta: Played by LeslieNielsen.
* NiceToTheWaiter: Hallie to [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/all_I_want_for_Christmas016.jpg her mother's help]], showing she isn't a SpoiledBrat (and she is a part time waitress herself at her father's cafe).
* PrettyInMink: A few furs, given the season and that much of the film is with upper class people. Hallie even wears a white rabbit muff when she sees Santa for the second time.