Film: Alaipayuthey

"I pray to God that you will get an ugly and stupid wife."
- Shakti, to Karthik.

A 2000 Tamil movie that became hugely popular in South India.

Karthik (played by Madhavan) and Shakti (Shalini)are a young married couple living in Chennai.In the first scene, Karthik is going to pick up his wife at the train station. She never shows up. As Kartik becomes worried, the movie flashes back to when he and Shakti first met two years ago. The plot jumps back and forth, following their romance and marriage from two years ago to present day, while Karthik searches for Shakti.

Unlike most South Indian Cinema, the story was pure romance and relatively low-key. It effectively mixed the honesty in the ordinary parts of the characters' lives with the usual Indian Melodrama. Alaipayuthey became such a hit, that it was dubbed into Telugu as Sakhi and remade years later in Hindi as Sathiyaa.

Did I mention that this is a Musical?
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