Film: A Lot Like Love

Constructed as a series of chapters that take place at a turning point in each character's life, the story moves from seven years in the past to three years to two and finally arrives in the present day. Emily Friehl and Oliver Martin's first encounter is on a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, during which they join the mile high club. He has hopes of becoming an Internet entrepreneur and, certain of his future success, gives her his phone number and suggests she call him in six years to see if his prediction came true.

Three years later, facing the prospect of spending New Year's Eve alone, Emily finds Oliver's number and calls him, and the two meet for dinner. Thus starts a series of reunions with the passing of time, as each drifts in and out of relationships with others, Oliver and his business partner Jeeter start an on-line diaper service, and Emily becomes a successful photographer. Each time they meet, one appears to be settled and content while the other is struggling to make headway in both life and career. Eventually they come to the realization that each is exactly the person the other one needs for fulfillment.

Starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet, the film was so unmemorable that whoever made this article literally copied-pasted the above two paragraphs from The Other Wiki. Just about its only reputation today is being included on the Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List.


  • Has a Type: Emily tells Oliver that he's not even close to being her type because he didn't make the first move, doesn't play guitar, and was born under the wrong star sign.
  • Opposites Attract
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: The first time Emily meets Oliver he tells her that in six years he plans to be settled and content in both life and career while she lives life by the moment.