Fat Bastard: Animated Films

  • Played with in WALL•E. After centuries of living in a low-gravity environment, being waited on hand and foot by robots, and near-constant bombardment by Buy n Large's consumer culture run rampant, every human aboard the Axiom is fat, slothful (both physically and mentally), and almost helpless... until the title character shows up and shakes up the status quo. And being fat and almost completely out of shape doesn't stop the Captain from stopping the rogue autopilot from taking over the ship and making sure the Axiom gets back to Earth. Nor does it stop the rest of them from rebuilding civilization on Earth, which, as depicted during the end credits, results in them becoming fitter and stronger... but still quite fat!

    Interestingly, aside from the obvious infantilism of the human race by this point from being overly coddled by their own technology, they're not really shown as degenerate, just ignorant. As well, take a close look at the dates on the Captain photos when they scroll by about 43 minutes into the film. Even though they're getting fatter and more helpless, the captains are living longer (presumably, all the humans are similarly long-lived). While they were Well-Intentioned Extremists the robots really did their job taking care of humanity.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: In the early concept art, the alien villain Gallaxhar was originally designed to be an obese, four-armed alien woman.
  • Sykes in Shark Tale.
  • King Malbert in Igor.
  • Wonder Woman's depiction of Hades.
  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
  • Lucifer the cat from Cinderella.
    • Inverted with the stepsisters, who are thinner than Cinderella!
  • The corrupt mayor, after eating one too many falling cheeseburgers and hotdogs from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
  • The Big City Agent from The Trumpet of the Swan.
  • Al of Al's Toy Barn from Toy Story 2. Even though he has no way of knowing his theft of Woody was kidnapping from the toys' perspective, it was still a knowing theft. And overall he's an ill-tempered, sleazy, unpleasant man who's verbally abusive to just about everyone.
  • The Walrus from the Walrus and the Carpenter story in Alicein Wonderland.