Fantastic Racism / Newspaper Comics

  • Garfield hates dogs with a passion. For example: he once wore an "I Hate Dogs" t-shirt which got him beaten up by a bunch dogs after he wore it outside, thinking dogs were too dumb to read; Much of his stand up routine consists of either material that gets him forcibly pulled from the spotlight or anti-dog jokes; One comic strip had Jon tell Garfield that evolution consisted of lower organisms evolving into higher life forms, and Garfield concluding that rocks evolved from dogs; And finally a very early strip goes something like this:
    John: Garfield! A mouse, get it!
    Garfield: No! I refuse to abuse one of my furry brothers. (Drop kicks Odie) I reserve my abuse for the lower life forms.
  • In My Cage, Norm's neighbour, Bernie Turkey, is a "flight supremacist" who belongs to a group called the Coo Clucks Clan.
  • Peanuts:
    • An August 1973 storyline had Snoopy challenging Hank Aaron for Babe Ruth's career home run record...and getting hate mail telling him "go back where you came from" and "we hate your kind", similar to what Aaron was getting in real life.
    Snoopy: I just want to be a credit to my breed!
    • Snoopy also has Charlie Brown write a letter to the producers of a TV cartoon complaining that the animal characters were portrayed as "silly and stupid", and also considered boycotting their sponsor.
    • On the other hand, Snoopy does have an irrational fear of snakes.
    • There's also his hatred of cats (which could be justified because the cat living next door is genuinely mean and scary, although Snoopy goes out of his way to provoke him). He "celebrates" National Cat Week by loudly booing. And he and Woodstock once made a list of all the things they loved about dogs, using a huge sheet of paper; and then pulled out a tiny scrap of paper for listing all the things they loved about cats. ("We'll probably have lots of room left over.")
    • Snoopy can also be a Boomerang Bigot, as in an early strip in which he declares he's tired of being a dog, he's tired of associating with dogs, and that if he were human he wouldn't even own a dog.