Fantastic Racism / Fan Fics

  • Hogyoku ex Machina has a meeting with Yamamoto, Ukitake, Kyoraku and Unohana where they discuss how the (now dead) Central 46 were xenophobic pompous pricks to the Vizards and had them exiled. They then agree that if they can't remake the Central 46 with people who avert this then the Vizards and Ichigo (since he's one of them) will have a valid reason to hate and destroy Soul Society. They generally do this to make peace with the Vizards and not prompt a God Mode Ichigo to come after them.

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!
  • In the Zoo Crew fic The Harmony Trap, set in a Darker and Edgier AU of Earth-C, Reptiles suffer the same prejudices as African-Americans in our world. Avians also suffer prejudice, but not as severely.

  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover and its sequel Origins, the Citadel societies have this problem as in canon. When the Trans-Galactic Republic starts handing out technology like candy to ward off the Reapers, it gets worse since they pick-and-choose who gets what without realizing the In-Universe Unfortunate Implications of handing military tech only to the turians, shield tech only to the quarians, etc. That these feuding races are not brought together by a Magnetic Hero (as in Mass Effect 3) leaves them bitter and suspicious of each other, making the slide into fascism easier.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fic A Shadow Of The Titans (part of Project Dark Jade) Suzano is a Jerkass with a great hatred of Jade, which he claims is due to her being part Oni while he claims to be descended from a Japanese god of the same name. But after it is revealed that he is on a team with a ghost and a demon, and that he also has racist feelings towards the very human Gadjo, it is suggested that he just uses it as an excuse to be rude to people.
    • In general there's a lot of negative feelings towards Metas (subtle and not so subtle). This helps push Jade towards the HIVE.
    • Gadjo really hates zombies.
    • Played for Laughs when Jade accuses Beast Boy of doing racial profiling after he comments that she and Mumbo have a lot in common (them both being blue-skinned magic users).
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. crossover fanfic Kage (part of Project Dark Jade), this seems to have become a recurring theme.
    • Kur, a elderly member of the rebels, has a hatred of shapeshifters so extreme it's kinda scary. And unfortunately, he appears to be the rule, not the exception — while others haven't shown the extreme behavior he has, he not only has a strong following that supported a shapeshifter purge he led during Phobos' reign, but there was another purge 200 years earlier that is implied to have been even worse.
    • There is also much disgust towards the Lurdens.
    • It's revealed that many people mistrust the Passlings due to their obsession to shining objects and annoying habit of trying to trade. Contrary to the rumors, most of them aren't thieves. Their smell may also have an effect on it.
    • Galhots ("scaled people" in the ancient language of Meridian) are sometimes called Drakes, which they find insulting. Once Vathek nearly broke a human in two for calling him a scaly Drake.
  • In No Hoper Light believes all vampyres to be evil blood-thirsty monsters. This becomes problematic when he is forced to live among them after he becomes one himself.
  • In The Warmistress of Equestria, the deer see almost all of the other races of Equestria as beneath them, although the one most vocalized is towards ponies — they consider ponies to be backwards, short-sighted brutes who would try to exploit or destroy the deer.
  • In The World of the Creatures, the the Na'vi, apes, and Silurians are all immediately distrustful of humans, and not exactly without reason.
  • In Cranes (a DC Universe fanfic), Batman is so well known for his detesting of meta-humans that Gotham City is regarded as the absolute worst city in America in which to be one, and the local slang-term for a meta-human is "Deader-Than".
    • This is so much the case that Johnny (a version of Scarecrow who was given a chance to live life as a hero) is terrified of telling Bruce and Alfred about his abilities. Bruce is horrified when this is revealed.
  • The crossover Shepherd Of The Stars inherits this from both Mass Effect and Sword of the Stars. Humans have a (somewhat undeserved) reputation for being the worst offenders, though most other races tend to get in on it as well. The Prester Zuul and Loa are the most frequent victims.

  • Zhuqiaomon and Alphamon from the Digimon Fanfic Transcendence: Digital Curse have this towards humans, though Zhuqiaomon has mellowed out a bit since the events of Digimon Tamers.

  • A Discworld "South Africa" has been introduced in Fan Fiction, which combines both the "mundane" racism inherent in apartheid with the "fantastic" racism of the Discworld - for instance, Igors are not appreciated in "Rimwards Howondaland" because they have a terrible habit of matching serviceable parts from black-skinned people to white-skinned people who, well, need serviceable parts. This is held by the authorities to be a seditious plot to bring apartheid into disrepute.

Fairly Oddparents
  • In Never Had A Friend Like Me, without exception, all magical creatures seem to have issues with other magical creatures. Norm considers fairies to be idiots and hypocrites and genies have a reputation for being completely untrustworthy. Timmy eventually calls out the Fairy Council about the issue after Bob was defeated by a variety of magical creatures rather than just fairies.

Final Fantasy
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, there is some of this.
    Cid: Though it is not as widespread as in the past, there are still those out there who believe in racial hiearchy. Humeism is one of these. It seems they picked up on the Archadian's sense of Hume superiorty.

Five Nights at Freddy's
  • An oddly (maybe an Crackfic) and somewhat infamous Five Nights of Freddy's Fanfic named Bear got Diabetes have all human nations around the world begin quickly hating all Furry 'Species' instead Race and their Furry Nation put renamed later as 'Furry Empire' due of Author's rewrite or maybe retcon, Put any who an only non-human character Catbug yea that Catbug was elected as new president of United States after Cave Johnson from Portal 2 as may implies that he hate being Furry and getting other humans to love him by making Kurvia's Giant Robot.

Forever Knight
  • An episode of the Forever Knight virtual continuation FK4, "Night Visions," explores vampiric prejudice against carouches (vampires who drink animal blood).

Harry Potter
  • This is parodied in Oh God Not Again! when Luna asks Snape if he is a Living-ist, or someone who judges based on whether or not a person is dead or alive.

Jackie Chan Adventures

Kung Fu Panda

Mass Effect
  • Mass Effect has its own prevalence of Fantastic Racism, but Mass Effect Human Revolution takes it even further. Anti-Aug discrimination is practically government policy, and the the anti-Aug cult "The Order" is the most widespread religion. Adam Jensen's heroic defense of Elysium is glazed over by Alliance propaganda, simply because he's considered a pariah now. Even other races discriminate less against Augs than humans. Quarians fare worse in this universe, as the Order hates them for creating the geth.
  • In Uplifted: Integration the quarians and the Germans have a phrase they use for the Council and Citadel Species: "Criminal Races".

Mega Man (Classic)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • In All-American Girl due to a very bad first-contact situation humans and ponies have plenty of mistrust between them even twenty years later, reflected in slurs. While the ponies have been rather tame in their epithets of humanity ("monkeys" are the worst that's been said), humans, on the other hand, have been a bit more colorful:
    Lyra: Let me see if I can recall some of the speciest slurs made about ponies: Kickstands. Tugs. Geldos. Roadshitters. Cathyfuckers I don't even know what that means.
    • In recent chapters, the ponies are becoming more creative in their slurs towards humans such as "Skinners"
  • In The Assassination Of Twilight Sparkle, it's mentioned that one of Twilight's planned reforms was more tolerance of other races. Naturally, the nobles weren't too keen on this.
  • A Brief History of Equestria, which focuses on the founding of the nation, naturally delves into this. Fantastic Slurs crop up (Earth ponies get two: groundpounders from pegasi, and muddies from unicorns). Most of the unicorn nobility are very much against going anywhere near earth ponies on general principle, seeing them as nothing more than a whole race of servants, while the pegasi don't think highly of anyone who can't fly. It leads to a major upset in one battle, when an army of earth ponies manage to fight off a unicorn militia using pies, and only suffer one casualty in the process (and that poor soul only died because they choked on a sandwich). Commander Hurricane is more progressive than the average Pegasus (which isn't saying much), but when he learns an Earth pony is in a relationship with his daughter, and got her pregnant, he tries to kill the guy. Of course, Chancellor Puddinghead's diplomatic response didn't help. And even after the Hearth Warming, there's still a lot of hurdles to overcome, for everyone, as Hurricane's last son (by Clover the Clever) finds out first-hoof — being a unicorn in the pegasus-dominated military, he only makes officer status out of respect of his father, while being sidelined for any real advancement in favor of less experienced and competent pegasi. This policy ends up costing Equestria during the Talonhoof Assault.
  • Fantastic Racism and race/species relations are certainly among the major themes in Citizen Weevil, in which a changeling family, amongst thousands of others at a time of mass migration, have immigrated to Equestria and are now living in the Six Points, a deprived multi-species district in Lower Manehattan where there lives ponies, changelings, diamond dogs, griffins, etc. Although, unlike many other MLP fanfics discussing racism, the majority of cases are that of casual and institutional racism and cultural clashes instead of full on oppression as these are immigrants legally allowed entry into the country.
  • Largely in a meta sense in The Conversion Bureau and related works - ponies constantly and unendingly deride the works of man, and the authors are on their side.
  • Celestia used this to unite the pony tribes in Diaries of a Madman, after her previous plan backfired.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, it does seem that the binds of racism do run deep in Equestria, being the cause of social and political unrest a few times.
    • The narrator of course, is herself a great example of Fantastic Racism, and goes as far to put down the other races while raising Earth ponies up on a pedestal whenever possible. She also seems to have an irrational hatred of griffins, goats, and a whole bunch of other races. This trait of hers is played up for laughs though.
  • In Fluttermom, Empyreanists are a group of Pegasi who believe that any species that cannot fly is inferior. The author has specifically referred to them as the pony KKK.
  • Harmony's Warriors:
    • Lots between Unicorns and Earth Ponies in Captain Equestria. The latter are referred to by less savory characters as "diggers" and are treated like second class citizens, which of course inspires a lot of hate back the other way.
    • Diamond Dogs are seen as idiotic brutes. Rarity is quite surprised at how intelligent Kili is.
    • Trixie doesn't think much of thestrals (batponies, who are the dwarves of this universe), at least not enough to approve of her son marrying one.
  • In My Little Unicorn members of Starfleet tend to point out quite often, how much superior they are compared to Equestrians.
  • The Nuptialverse:
    • One of the main themes in Families is the racism towards dragons that Spike suffered growing up in Canterlot, and which is used as a propaganda tool by Olive Branch's anti-Celestia conspiracy.
    • As shown in Metamorphosis, Chrysalis, back when she was a normal pegasus, felt that Earth ponies and unicorns were inferior.
  • There's many Friendship is Magic fanfics involving Fantastic Racism between griffons and ponies, one in particular is in Summer Days And Evening Flames where Gilda is called a "half-breed" by a pegasus.
  • Ubiquitous in Under The Northern Lights. Ponies about reindeer, reindeer about ponies, the zebra Paki abouth both categories, etc. In many cases it is not just mutual prejudice, it is also relatively low-key and consists of misunderstanding and underestimating the other, rather than outright oppression. The latter happens, though. Reindeer treat the Russ (immigrant dwarf Earth ponies) and the Urox (native aurochs) as second-class citizens, and we learn that ponies used to do the same to cattle, sheep and so on, who used to be slaves. Not everyone is racist over the board, either: the pirates of the Crimson Kraken are happily multi-cultural, but have a very negative view of "primitives" like the reindeer and the ponies from Tropical Island.
  • What Hath Joined Together sees Equestria using a Fantastic Caste System with social standing depending on race. For the most part, it's restricted to job and marriage opportunities and different races are still encouraged to get along, but stepping outside of your races' privilege is a faux pas at best and an actual crime at worst.
  • In Savage Skies Dawn Lightwing is reviled and called a demon due to having eyes like Nightmare Moon.
    • Tribalists show up as antagonists on multiple occasions.
  • Other fics bring up the old issues between the three pony tribes. Rites Of Ascension sees a noble fined 200,000 bits for tossing a slur like that. And the issue, as far as Celestia and Luna are concerned, is that the amount is too LOW. Twilight's mother does the same thing in front of Celestia ...
  • In Pony POV Series, there is racism, but isn't very common. It exists, it's harmed some characters in the past, but it is not a common belif, and Celestia is not happy it exists at all. Surprising, in Dark World, it seems even less common.
  • Fanon has created many Fantastic Slurs for Fantastic Racism involving ponies. "Mud ponies", for example, is one commonly used for earth ponies. Unicorns are sometimes referred to as "narwhals".

  • In Clouded Sky, Pokémon guides who are chosen to receive Dark-type Pokémon as their starters, such as the protagonist, are greatly discriminated against.
  • In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Planes of Existence, Shiny Pokemon are discriminated against, to the point that there is even a slur against them: blinder.
  • The universe of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has bloodliners, essentially humans with Pokemon-related powers. Considerable prejudice exists on both ends.
    • A lot of normal humans hate and fear bloodliners, causing both official and unofficial discrimination against them. Moreover, the numbers of bloodliners have been exploding for (at the moment) unexplained reasons, causing massive hysteria.
    • On the other hand, there is a powerful faction of bloodliners that believes bloodliners to be superior to both ordinary humans and Pokémon, and thus deserving to rule over both.

  • In Old West, many animals of the desert are wary of or even contemptuous towards snakes in general. It's somewhat understandable with snakes being predators, but they have as much individuals as the other species.

Real Person Fic
  • In With Strings Attached, Ketafans treat elves like second-class citizens, and Baravadans are supremely contemptuous of Ketafans, which creates friction when the Baravadan Brox and Grunnel must ally with some.
    • Ironically, most Ketafans think Baravadans are the Favorites of the Gods.
    • Don't forget the Harveys in New Zork.

  • Deconstructed in The Urthblood Saga. Most of the Redwallers and other goodbeasts are, understandably, wary of the vermin and it takes a very long time before they start to accept the vermin in Urthblood's army as equals. When you look at the vast amount of villains from the series, they have a good reason to be cautious.
  • What Lies Beyond the Walls usually justifies this trope by exploring it from someone's point-of-view. Urthquake cannot stand vermin and believes that they all deserve to die, but only because he has only come across heartless vermin who only care about pain and destruction and have ruined his personal life and killed his family. Kurwin the Flayer believes that all woodlanders are compelled to drive vermin to extinction, but only because he's encountered woodlanders like Urthquake, as opposed to kindbeasts who don't judge creatures by their species.

Rosario + Vampire
  • Thawing Permafrost plays this for laughs in chapter 27, when Dan and Mizore are picking costumes for the Festival.
    Dan: How about the Abominable Snow-woman?
    Mizore: I didn't realise we were playing with the race cards.

  • The AU fic Day and Night portrays the characters as celestial beings and alters their canonical race issues accordingly. Apparently the cloud people discriminate against the star people.

Shin Megami Tensei

Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Always Having Juice features some Fantastic Racism between Overlanders and Mobians. Seeing as they all live on an alien planet, they don't seem to care about skin color so much as whether or not the person they're looking at has a tail. It came to a head in Surface War II, when the Alemanian (Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Germany) war general Adolf Hitler declared war against the Mobians living on the Floating Islands, almost exterminating them in the process. Oh, and there's also some discrimination against homosexuals and Jewish people, but that's not quite as fantastic.
  • Don't Keep Your Distance: The entire setup - Paint, the protagonist, endures a great deal of bullying and scorn even from adults in her home village during her childhood, revealed eventually to be because one-half of her ancestry is of the Metarex, who tried to destroy the entire galaxy in Sonic X's third season, and her history of (much more mild and unrelated) bad behavior only reminds them of that.
    • More generally, there appears to be deep-seated resentment and conflict between humans and Mobians, to the point that human actors are given affirmative action preferences in films created by Mobians.

Star Wars
  • Star Wars Paranormalities has several instances of this.
    • The Bounty Hunter Gestroma really hates humans to the point that he almost kills his human bounties or kidnaps them for other purposes. It's later revealed that he's been kidnapping them so he can mutate them into Forceless-possessed supersoldiers for killing humans. His specism even extends to near-human species and half-humans. His backstory reveals that he was also an alien inmate experimented on and mutated the even more speciest Galactic Empire (a human-centric government) and forced to watch his homeworld get destroyed by the Death Star.
    • The Kur'Ada Equalists are a faction of non-Force sensitive Miralukas (near-humans who don't have eyes and normally rely on the Force to see for them) that seek to purge the galaxy of Force-sensitives. According to their backstory, they were persecuted by the other Miralukas of Alpheridies years before the species joined the Old Republic and are products of a blood-soaked history. Their leader eventually realizes the hypocrisy in their goals, as all life in the galaxy is connected to the Force and has the potential to develop an affinity for it regardless of Midichlorian count.
    • According to Grein, the Chiss Ascendancy had this against the rest of the purple-eyed Chiss in ancient times due to them naturally having a higher affinity for Force-sensitivity, to the point that they suffered ethnic cleansing and now the only known purple-eyed Chiss in the galaxy in the present day are Grein herself and her sister Emilin.
    • Emperor Valkor seems to hold all other sentient beings in low regard, to the point that he doesn't consider eating them alive to be cannibalism regardless of what the rest of the galaxy may think.

Star Trek Online
  • Legacy of ch'Rihan: Several of the Rihannsu in i'Haanikh display at least mild Romulan supremacism. D'Vex at least recognizes that it's not exactly a good attitude to have.
    Morgan: You got a problem with Havrannsu, D'Vex?
    D'Vex: Hrmph, I'm old-fashioned. Bloody goblins are all right but I wouldn't want my daughter to marry one.
  • Shakedown Shenanigans: The old Elves Versus Dwarves rivalry between Vulcans and Andorians from Star Trek: Enterprise rears its head when a Vulcan customs agent decides to be obstructive.
    Tess: Damn pointy-ear’s probably jealous we’re headed for the front lines.
    Eleya: Vulcans don’t get jealous, Tess.
    Tess: Pfft. Oh, yes, they do. Don’t ask me how I know, though.

Teen Titans
  • Jewel Of Darkness: This goes both ways between Metas (and other non-humans) and regular humans, complete with a Cycle of Revenge between paramilitary groups on both sides. Tensions have gotten so bad that various factions have all independently reached the conclusion that it's going to end up leading to World War III.

  • A recurring theme in the Transformers fanfic A Child Shall Lead Them — the Autobots regard the Dinobots as stupid, violent, and animalistic, and treat them as such. This is especially problematic given that one of them (Swoop aka Pterodactus) has ended up with the Matrix after Optimus Prime's death... Pterodactus ends up calling the Autobots out on it, delivering a blistering What the Hell, Hero? speech that shames them into accepting him as their leader.

  • The Tron-universe Fan Fic Through A Diamond Sky plays with the tension between Programs and Isos. Programs see Isos as having no purpose or function, taking up valuable resources and contributing nothing back. Isos see Programs as inherently hostile and constrained by their hard-coded directives.
    Flynn: "For a world of ones and zeroes, it annoys the hell out of me how much User-style problems you've picked up...First time I was here, it was persecution based on this place gets racism, too...You'd think there'd be a way to code out that crap."