Fantastic Racism / Advertising

  • Between meerkats and mongooses in the Compare the Meerkat campaign. During "The Battle Of Fearlessness" Alexandr's "grandpappy" fought in a war against them.
    Q: Isn't a meerkat a type of mongoose?
    A: NO! This great insult! Mongoose not good enough to lick dropping from my shoe! I am meerkat and I live in mansion filthy mongoose could only dream about in wildest dreams.
  • The GEICO cavemen ads could be seen as an example of this... which leads to Unfortunate Implications, when you consider that the campaign is essentially mocking the victim for getting offended.
    • In fact, it mutated over time; the first few ads were about the admakers themselves being totally unaware the cavemen existed to be offended and trying to run damage control. Then they kept using the ads.
  • This Sonic commercial. You actually feel bad for the vampire.
    • Again with Sonic, where the police talks with a ghost about someone rattling chains and moaning. The ghost takes offense to this only for moments later to see a guy on the other side of the parking lot doing just that.
    • The fact that he's being profiled by a black cop causes people no end of amusement.
    • It seems that Sonic's new ad campaign is 'Sonic is Fantastically Racist', because they have a commercial where a robot isn't allowed to eat the food because it's 'People Food'.
  • The "Crazy Good" Pop-Tart ads are this in a nutshell: various humans and animals trick, trap, and cook the Pop-Tart people alive so they can enjoy delicious pop tarts. Sometimes the humans and animals will fight each other (lightly) for a pop tart as well.