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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Zangoose [#335]

Zangoose is a mammalian Pokémon with an average height of 4 ft 3 in (1.3 m) and an average weight of 88.8 lbs (40.3 kg). It has pointed catlike ears and pink eyes. It has primarily white fur, but with some red spots that appear to imitate bloodstains or scars. It is not uncommon for one to be found with actual bloodstains and scars. Its tail is covered in thick, white, long fur. Its most striking features are its hard, sharp claws, two on each front paw.

Notable Biology

Zangoose is noted for its species feud with Seviper. When in close proximity with Seviper, the scent of it will cause Zangoose’s hairs to stand on end and it will assume its bipedal position. When faced with a Seviper, Zangoose will dodge the Seviper’s attacks with incredible agility and slash with its sharp claws.

Zangoose is highly adapted to fighting Seviper. One of its most notable adaptations is its immunity to any toxins that it is attacked with. It is not only immune to Seviper’s poison; it is even immune to the poisons produced by other Pokémon like Zubat, Nidoran, and Skorupi. The compounds in Zangoose’s blood are produced to make Antidotes used to cure Pokémon of poisoning.


Like Seviper, it primarily lives in grasslands in the vicinity of rocky cliffs or mountains with sparse trees and tall grass. These areas include Hoenn Route 114 and Sinnoh Route 208. They make their homes in cliffside burrows and marking it with a distinct, musky odor.


Zangoose is a carnivorous species. While it will eat any Seviper that it manages to kill, it will also hunt and eat other snakelike Pokémon like Ekans and Dunsparce. It will also feed on insects, crustaceans, lizards, birds, and rodents. These include Corphish, Nincada, Taillow, and Sandshrew. It will also eat Pokémon eggs.


Wild Zangoose are quite territorial. When provoked, the slashes given by its razor-sharp claws can cause mortal injury. Keep away from burrows in cliffs emanating a strong, musky odor if not traveling with a strong enough Pokémon.

When captured, they are generally loyal to their trainers. Make sure to hold Pokémon battles away from places that are known to be Seviper habitats, as this can cause Zangoose to become distracted and eventually leave to hunt Seviper. It is unwise to have a Seviper and a Zangoose as allies in the same party, as they will immediately fight each other when given the chance.

Courting and Childrearing

Zangoose are sexually mature at four months. During mating season, male Zangoose release their distinctive musky odor in order to attract females. They also make a high-pitched noise known as “giggling” to get the female’s attention. Sometimes, two males will fight each other to mate with a female. The female will be pregnant for up to 49 days and will give birth to a litter of 2-5 individuals. Baby Zangoose are fed milk for up to two months and will leave at sexual maturity.

Social Structure

Zangoose is mainly solitary, but will sometimes share burrows with other Zangoose. Female Zangoose will live with their offspring until they leave.
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