Fanon Pokedex / Whismur

Whismur Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Whismur [#293]
  • Loudred [#294]
  • Exploud [#295]

Notable Biology

Despite looking very different from one another, all three of these creatures are indeed related. In the past, before the spread of Pokémon training, they were often categorized as different Pokémon. However, DNA studies and evolution in captivity have indeed shown that they are directly related. Their most notable feature is that all three of these creatures possess huge, immensely powerful throat muscles and vocal chords. This allows them to create deafening bellows, which many trainers will exploit as a form of attack. These attacks can range up to 170 decibels in a full-grown Exploud. These cries also register on both super and ultrasonic frequencies, and can carry for miles. Ironically, Exploud and Loudred themselves have very poor hearing in the audible frequency range, in order to protect themselves from a constant exposure to their own cries. To compensate for this, they have keen eyesight and a good sense of smell, as well as ultrasonic forms of communication (see below). No two members of this line sound alike- sonic instruments have detected subtle harmonic differences in each individual. It has been proven that the line is more sensitive to ultrasonic frequencies than other Pokémon, and communicate through a series of inaudible rumbles. All three Pokémon are active at night, as they have a developed sense of sonar. Occasionally, a traveler at night may hear a series of eerie chattering and squeaking noises. In the past, many belied that these were the voices of ghosts; however, chances are that it was a member of this line finding its way in the dark.

The juvenile form of the Pokémon, the Whismur, travels in small packs of up to five. They are small, bipedal creatures. They have large supplies of fat for insulation at night. While feeding, they will spread out over large areas while searching for fruits and berries. If predators are spotted, the individual will create an "alarm call". This is not only a method of alerting others to the danger, but as a way of temporarily stunning or disorienting the intruder while the pack makes good its escape.

Loudred are solitary creatures, much more muscular than before. The two floppy ears of the Whismur have stiffened, and bear an uncanny resemblance to speakerphones. The resemblance is deceptive-the ears are not for amplifying sound produced by the Pokémon, but for detecting and picking up sound from elsewhere. They are very mobile, and can twist almost 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. When shouting, the ears are rotated and folded flat against the head, to protect itself from any hearing loss. They are very territorial creatures. Many Hoenn residents will awaken to the early morning calls of Loudred staking their territory for the day. In the rare event that another Loudred attempts to intrude on another's territory, fights are very common, and often lethal.

Exploud are the final form of the Pokémon. They are huge, muscular creatures. In contrast to the sparsely furred Loudred, Exploud possess thick, elephantine skin. In elderly specimens, this is often scarred and gnarled from years of fighting. The Pokémon also bears one of the most advanced forms of sonic navigation and weaponry known to man. Using the hollow tubes that line its head, it can emit sound at highly varying frequencies or emit a single, howling roar that can carry for up to a mile. It can even temporarily create barricades of pure sound to block attacks. However, such activities are very draining on the Exploud and it requires long periods of rest. Fortunately, these creatures are very rare in the wild, and thus their calls do not pose a threat to the glass of nearby cities or towns. Even without their sonic attacks, their strength and stamina is formidable-a properly enraged Loudred is quite capable of tearing its way through sheet metal.


The line is commonly found in or in the vicinity of caves like Rusturf Tunnel and Hoenn's Victory Road. However, they are claustrophobic, and react poorly to being in small spaces. This isn't exactly a problem for a distraught Loudred or Exploud—they have the tools at their disposal to widen the room or break free.


All three Pokémon are herbivores. All three of them are ruminants, and many are prone to cud-chewing.


These Pokémon are considered to be very temperamental and dangerous. (TRAINER'S NOTE: When training Whismur, be sure to use slow, deliberate movements. Whismur are easily startled and will react to most sudden movements with their characteristic alarm cry.) All three of these Pokémon should not be allowed around fragile or breakable objects. In addition, Trainers wishing to spend extra time with these Pokémon should consider investing in some durable ear protection. In addition, despite being herbivorous, Exploud and Loudred can exert several tonnes of pressure per square inch when biting down, which can easily break arms and fracture limbs. Some minor Leagues have banned the use of these Pokémon in championships and battles, as their presence and primary mode of attack can deafen bystanders and lead to hefty lawsuits. At the very least, trainers must declare the use of a Loudred or Exploud several weeks before a championship, so that the audience can be properly protected by specially installed soundproof glass.


Strangely enough, Exploud do not use their sounds to attract mates. Females are drawn by a musk excreted by the male. In another curious twist, males are not agitated like some other species, rather, they become quite calm and sedate. Some believe that this musk has soporific qualities. Mating is quick, and the female will raise her young alone.

Social Structure

Whismur travel in small packs after leaving their mother. Upon evolution, the new Loudred will leave the pack, and will live alone for the rest of its life.

Written by Crow T. Robot. Grammar fixes by bwburke94.