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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Tornadus [#641]

Physical Description

Tornadus, like his two apparent relatives Thundurus and Landorus, resembles a two-meter tall, muscular, ogre-like humanoid from the waist up. His skin is green, with distinctive purple spots, some of which are cyclone-shaped, as well as a similarly purple patch on his chest. He has two sharp purple horns, and large eyes with yellow scleras. He has a jagged white moustache, underneath which is a small black mouth, and a large wavy tuft of white hair on his head. Whatever body he may have below his waist is covered by a voluminous white cloud held together by some indeterminable “energy.” Extending from this cloud is a purple tail that’s longer than Tornadus is tall, with a curly tip and golden curly ridges along its entire length.

Attempts by misguided Trainers at catching Tornadus have shown that while he’s immune to seismic attacks and vulnerable to electricity, cold, and thrown rocks, the fact that he can be hit by umbrate-based attacks while resisting Aura-based ones has led to Tornadus being classified as the first pure Flying-type. Additionally, attempts to communicate using Psychic-types have shown that Tornadus refers to himself as male, much like the two other legendaries related to him.

Lore and History

Tornadus is known as a combination of a trickster deity and a force of destruction in Unovan culture. His ability to summon powerful storms of wind and rain is widely feared, but he fortunately tends to be satisfied with mundane pranks such as soaking travelers with smaller rain showers or blowing things out of people’s hands with gusts of wind. However, Unovan farmers are known to pray to Tornadus to bring rain to their crops – though sometimes they get far too much.

Tornadus‘ nature as a trickster has led to stories of him tricking other legendaries for knowledge or some other benefit, which sometimes works for him (and at the same time benefits humanity) but more often backfires. He also has been said to flirt with human females, which almost always backfires. It is said that Tornadus once gathered all the psychic-types of Unova for their knowledge, but Thundurus startled them and the psychic-types panicked, sending their knowledge to humans instead.

Tornadus is also said to be sometimes mistaken for a “genie” and asked to grant wishes; he promptly tricks the person into thinking he can, only to “grant” the wishes in a twisted fashion that inconveniences the foolish human far more than it helps them.

Tornadus is known for working with another member of his trio, Thundurus; however, due to the destruction they wreak with the combined power of their windstorms and thunderstorms, they are usually stopped by the third member, Landorus. It is said that if the two are in close enough proximity, especially in Landorus’ territory, that Landorus will appear to make sure they aren't up to something.

Known Sightings

Tornadus has been sighted all over the Unova region; a popular folk legend is that he flies north in the evenings and south in the mornings, a notion backed up by patterns in sightings. A common sign that Tornadus is in the area is heavy rain and strong winds, especially in areas where such weather is not typical.

Tornadus’ usual response when encountering trainers is to flee, only attacking when somehow trapped or when he thinks the Trainer or Pokémon pose a significant threat. Trainers that persist in chasing him often find themselves besieged by strong gusts of wind or sudden rain showers whenever it’s most inconvenient. Further pursuit can potentially enrage Tornadus, and is not recommended.

Two areas are particularly well known for Tornadus sightings. The area just north of Mistralon City is a common place to spot him, as is Milos Island off the coast of Driftveil City, where shrines to all three members of his trio exist.

While relationships with other legendaries other than Thundurus and are currently vague, One eyewitness reported seeing Suicune fighting Tornadus before both saw the eyewitness and ran and flew off, respectively. While the report is still being investigated, and the notion that Suicune has ever ventured as far as Unova is highly questionable, the fact that both legendaries have ties to wind may suggest they see each other as competition, if the interaction did indeed occur.


Tornadus is a master of the air, rivaled only by other powerful legendaries like Rayquaza. He can summon windstorms, torrential rain that powers up the windstorms, and even “blades” of air that according to eyewitnesses resemble enormous shirukens. However, he has also been observed using his powerful fists, blasts of Aura, a strong bite, pulses of “darkness”, plant control, globs of sludge, rocks, acrobatic feats, small flames, theivery and even psychic powers when he chooses to fight. As well as being extremely versatile he is extremely fast – one sighting clocked him as flying at 200 miles per hour.

An interesting trait of Tornadus is his unusual quickness and fast reflexes when using certain attacks, such as taunting the opponent or summoning rain. This trait is similar to strains of certain Pokémon, such as Whimsicott, for which the trait is referred to as “Prankster” by Trainers. Many such trainers have been taken by surprise when Tornadus strikes their fastest Pokemon first with ease.


Tornadus normally flees from humans, and most of his pranks aren’t particularly life-threatening so much as they are annoying to his victims. However, when sufficiently incensed for whatever reason, Tornadus is one of the most dangerous and feared legendaries known. When angry, Tornadus has been known to destroy large houses with hurricane-force winds, and to send enough rain to flood entire cities. He is not easily stopped once sent on a rampage, and if his counterpart Thundurus is a part of it – whether they are working with or against each other – the destruction grows even more thorough.

The only way to stop Tornadus’ rampaging is to wait for him to calm down or summon Landorus, who is one of the few beings powerful enough to stop him. The only occasion that Landorus has been successfully summoned by humans was on Milos Island in 19XX, and Landorus needed to be healed by said humans before defeating his two “brothers.”


During harvest festivals in Unova, as opposed to Landorus, who is portrayed as bringing gifts to good children, Tornadus is said to arrive and punish bad children by carrying them away with his winds.

Tornadus is often seen in artwork alongside his counterpart and fellow trio member Thundurus, usually causing either destruction or mischief. Both are also often depicted with Landorus, with statues of all three being a common sight in Unovan shrines.

Tornadus has also made a few appearances in a series of gory fighting games (abeit significantly anthropomorphized), as well as having his name used by the sidekick of a rival character in an installment of a wildly popular RPG series.

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