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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Suicune [#245]

Physical Descriptions

Suicune is a large quadrupedal Pokémon with both canine and feline characteristics, standing approximately six feet tall. Its frame is relatively light and slender, and its fur is very short. It is primarily colored light blue, with white diamond shapes along its sides and down its legs, and a white underbelly and muzzle. Two thin ribbon-like white tails, approximately seven feet in length, curl forward on either side of the legendary, where they appear to drift at shoulder height at all times on constant wind — no matter which way it faces. It has a thick purple mane that billows backward, as if on a completely contradictory wind. A darker blue hexagonal crest extends upward from its forehead, and its eyes are bright red.

It is widely believed that only one Suicune exists. Its gender is unknown, or indeed if gender is even applicable to it.

Lore and History

The most well-known legend concerning Suicune is that of the destruction of Brass Tower (see Ho-Oh: Lore and History). After the tower burned down, Ho-Oh took pity on three Pokémon that perished in the collapse and resurrected them as the Legendary Beasts of Johto. One of them became Suicune, an avatar of the North Wind, charged with running across the land to bring the wind wherever it is needed; its siblings became Raikou and Entei. Though Ho-Oh's ability to resurrect a dead Pokémon is in question, skeptics admit that no evidence, legend, or sighting accounts of Suicune date further back than 500 years when the tower's collapse was recorded by Ecruteak scribes.

A second legend claims that Suicune is able to purify tainted water with a single touch of its paw. Once again, fact and legend blur confusingly; most sightings of Suicune are near pools of extremely clean water, but it is unknown if Suicune is only drawn to these as resting spots, or if it in fact purifies the water itself.

A third claim is that Suicune possessess a degree of psychic power as well. This has never been confirmed either, but as many legendaries are either explicitly psychic-types or have been observed to display an amount of it, and that Entei is known to communicate regularly, this would not be at all surprising.

Known Sightings

Suicune, like the other Legendary Beasts of Johto, is known for its impressive speed and stamina. Sightings are often brief flashes of eye contact before it bounds away. Beyond its evasiveness, little is known of Suicune's temperament. It has been known to assist the occasional traveler in great need, but it keeps such interactions brief, and it avoids physical contact whenever possible. Nearly all reports describe a sharp change in the wind immediately before sighting, and Suicune's tails and mane blowing in exact opposite directions when it is encountered.

Much anecdotal evidence of Suicune comes from noted traveler Eusine Minaki, who has chased Suicune for the majority of his life. Minaki has encountered the Legendary Beast on several occasions, approximately twice a year. Two years ago, he managed to take one of the only known photographs of it.

"It's fast. So fast, " says Minaki. "I don't know if it's got amazing hearing, smell, sight, or something else, but it knows when I'm around, too. No doubt; any glimpses I've had, it's given freely. I hop on my Arcanine and go after it, but it's like trying to chase down a formula racer with a lawnmower. offense, " he hastily adds for his annoyed Arcanine's benefit. "I think I'm starting to tell when it's near, too. The just...I dunno. It feels different. Alive. Starts coming from different angles. Almost feels like it's breathing around you."

Suicune is mainly sighted in Johto, but has been known to appear all over the world, even as far as Orre during the Snagem/Cipher debacle. Sightings have decreased dramatically since then.

"I think it got spooked during that Cipher thing, " says Minaki. "It's not just that I've only seen it once since then, but the eyes are different. Used to be just a cool stare, maybe like it was even enjoying the chase a bit. But last time it was like Stantler-in-the-headlights. I mean, this used to be about the thrill of the chase and all. But honestly? Now I'm getting kinda worried."

Diet (if any)

During the brief sightings, Suicune has never been observed eating or drinking anything. Its diet is unknown, and it may not require these functions at all.


Suicune is known to be an exceedingly powerful water-type. Travelers that it has aided in the past report that it fended off large, aggressive Pokémon such as Ursaring with immense torrents of water. Others claim to have seen attacks such as Razor Wind or Ice Beam, all of comparable magnitude.

One particularly infamous account is of the ex-Rocket, Walter Regis. Regis sighted Suicune; before it spirited away, Regis was able to summon his Golbat and execute a Mean Look to bind the Legendary to combat, in the hopes of capturing it for the gang. Regis was found four hours later, on top of a pile of all six of his Pokémon (two of them electric-types and one grass), all beaten senseless and thoroughly soaked through, and six inches of standing water covering the surrounding area. Upon arrest, Regis dazedly repeated the phrase "it has no weak" to the arresting officers.


Given the above account, it should be fairly obvious that attempting to do battle with Suicune is not recommended. This Pokémon is known to possess power comparable to the A-teams of some of the most powerful Gym Leaders in Johto. While it is normally content to continue on its way after a brief sighting, use of Mean Look or other such tactics to force it to fight is exceedingly unwise.


Suicune's origins and motives are as yet unconfirmed — it is widely assumed through the origin legend that Suicune and the other Legendary Beasts are continued servants of Ho-Oh. However, when Ho-Oh and its current trainer were asked about them, the great bird offered only a wry grin, and the trainer refused to comment. Perhaps the Beasts do answer to the Phoenix King, but so far it wishes to remain vague on the subject, and nobody is eager to press it for details.

Written by Pykrete