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!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Munchlax [446]
* Snorlax [143]

!! Physical Description

Both '''Munchlax''' and '''Snorlax''' are large, round, bipedal, mammalian Pokémon with pointed ears. Both have blue-green colored fur, Snorlax's is very short and it has a large patch of cream colored fur covering its face and underside, while Munchlax has long sheets of body hair extending well past its waist and covering its short legs. These sheets often become rather knotted and tangled, and have a habit of trapping foreign objects within the locks. Munchlax take advantage of this and store food within its body hair.

!! Notable Biology

Munchlax and Snorlax boast one of the most powerful gastric acids of any creature known to man, capable of dissolving anything from tree bark, to rubber, to even metal. Many food-borne bacteria and fungi who thrive in gastric juices are easily killed in the acid, making the creatures completely immune to any negative effects of eating diseased or rotten food. This adaptation is most likely to accommodate the species' voracious appetite.

Snorlax are one of the heaviest Pokémon on record, weighing in over 1000 pounds on average, some larger individuals weighing at well over a ton. A significant portion of that bulk is a thick sheet of blubber which lacks many nerve endings, and thus acts as a form of natural armor. It is almost impervious to temperatures and physical attacks alike, making it one of the most durable Pokémon in the world.

The species' second most famous trait is the large amount of sleep they require. Munchlax are generally hyper-active when they are awake and frequently take naps to conserve energy for growth. Snorlax are known to become extremely lethargic after an eating binge and sleep for days to even weeks on end. This culminates in legendary eating sprees in the fall and a 3-month hibernation period in the winter. During sleep Munchlax and Snorlax are almost impossible to wake up, and are only known to be responsive to the sound of a specially made Pokéflute. During this time one might think that a sleeping Snorlax is like a sitting Psyduck but their massive size, weight, and durability makes them far too much effort for your average predator to bother with. Combined with their incredible strength while awake, Snorlax has no natural predators. Munchlax however, do not have the same benefits, and take special precautions before sleeping, often hiding within tree branches or inside caves for protection.

!! Habitat

Snorlax are nomadic; indeed they have to be, as no ecosystem could possibly sustain a Snorlax for long. Too many Snorlax in one area are a cause of serious ecological concern and are the focus of relocation efforts by local Pokémon Rangers. Though they are most commonly sighted in remote mountainous areas, they are attracted to any place with large amounts of food, and they will go to great lengths to get that food. An average Snorlax is expected to travel over 100,000 miles within its lifetime, sometimes walking from one end of a region to the other in search of food. One infamous incident had a Snorlax swimming between islands in the Orange Archipelago, nearly destroying a Grapefruit crop in the process.

!! Diet

[[ExtremeOmnivore Snorlax and Munchlax are notorious for eating everything and anything they can get their hands on.]] Things like tires, street signs, and plastic bottles have been found inside the stomachs of Snorlax, all in a significant state of digestion. Though they are primarily foragers, Snorlax can and will eat any meat it can find. However, Snorlax are usually too lazy to actively hunt and tend to scavenge carcasses from other predators.

Munchlax on the other hand seem to have a preference for sweet food and often stash large amounts of sweet berries under their body hair. They are also easily attracted to the scent of honey, and are often spotted raiding Combee hives for it.

!! Hazards

Snorlax can eat over 900 pounds of food in one sitting, and can severely deplete the resources of any given area. Thus they are the bane of farmers everywhere as they can easily devour an entire crop in a few days, causing massive ecological and economic damage in the process.

Despite their overweight appearance, a significant portion of their bodies is pure muscle. They are strong enough to break rock with ease and are one of the few Pokémon that can overpower a rampaging Tyranitar in the wild. Though they are generally docile it is not wise to anger a Snorlax. This can rather easily be done by getting in the way of a Snorlax and its food. A Snorlax will not hesitate to maim or even kill a human if it means getting a meal. In rare cases, sufficiently desperate Snorlax have been reported to [[ImAHumanitarian attack and eat humans]].

!! Courting

Snorlax are very solitary and very rare Pokémon. When two members of the opposite sex meet, their first reaction is to breed immediately. Afterwards they part ways or fight each other for food and territory. Female Snorlax have long gestation periods of up to as much as 15 months, in which time they eat even more than normal. After all this Snorlax rarely lay more than three eggs. After hatching the young Munchlax follow their mothers around and eat whatever the mother can spare them. After about a year the mother drives them off as they start to drain her own food supply too much. The Munchlax then go off on their own to find food themselves.

!! Social Structure

Snorlax are completely solitary, as any given ecosystem cannot possibly support a group of Snorlax. Areas known to have a Snorlax population only have one per every 300 acres or so. When two Snorlax DO meet they either breed, or most often, fight. The loser usually flees the area to find unclaimed territory to forage in.

!! In Human Culture

Humans view Snorlax (somewhat accurately) as lazy big eaters, and see them as impossible to keep as pets and almost as impossible to encourage to battle for those reasons, though some enthusiastic trainers have managed to command them effectively in battles. One famous [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro animated movie]] featured creatures that appeared very similar to Munchlax and Snorlax.

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