Fanon Pokedex / Sneasel

Sneasel Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Sneasel [215]
  • Weavile [461]

Physical Descriptions

Sneasel and Weavile are both small bipedal Pokemon that have feline and mustelid like features. Both have retractable claws, although Sneasel only have two whilst Weavile have three. Both Pokemon also have feathers growing around their ears and base of the spine. The ears of a female Sneasel or Weavile is shorter than the male's.

Notable Biology

The hooked claws possessed by both Pokemon are their main offensive weapon, usually supplemented with ice attacks. Because of this Sneasel and Weavile will often sharpen their claws so they may still be effective in battle.

Another point of interest are the feathers and gems present in this line of Pokemon. The yellow gems help regulate the Pokemon's body temperature by cooling it whilst the feathers disperse excess heat. Sneasel have two gems, one on their forehead and one on their chest whilst possessing only one ear feather and three back feathers. Upon evolution they lose the chest gem and one back feather whilst elongating the other two. Weavile grow a crest of head feathers, a second ear feather and a neck crest.

While these adaptations seem counter intuitive, they are important to these Pokemon's survival by keeping their body cold enough to use ice attacks and to lower body temperature gained from activity and their high metabolism. If the gems or feathers are damaged, a Sneasel or Weavile will become feverish.

The method of evolution from Sneasel to Weavile is also highly atypical. Instead of just gaining experience like most Pokemon, a Sneasel has to be holding a Razor Claw and level up at night. The exact method is unknown, but scientists suspect the Sneasel incorporates genetic data from the Razor Claw to improve its claws, and that sunlight interferes with this process. Another popular theory is that since it is colder at night, a Sneasel has an easier time regulating its metabolism when it evolves.


Both Pokemon have a preference for cold mountainous areas, although they are just as common in forests. Partially this is because of how the cold helps regulate their body temperature. Also, trees and rock outcroppings make ideal places for Sneasel and Weavile to climb up and ambush prey from.


Both Pokemon are omnivorous with a preference for meat and berries. Younger Sneasel will often gather berries for the pack. Older and more experienced Sneasel and Weavile will go out in packs and hunt for prey.

Sneasel and Weavile are notable in that they will go after other Pokemon as food first, instead of just attacking smaller animals. Common targets are Stantler and Pokemon from the Swinub, Spoink, and Snover lines. This often brings them into conflict with Ursaring, who also prey on the same Pokemon.


Sneasel and Weavile are incredibly ruthless, competitive, and communal (see Social Section for more details). This makes them a battler's best dream and worst nightmare. Newly caught Sneasel have trouble holding themselves back when fighting. This is all very well and good up until their opponent is downed. If the defeated Pokemon isn't quickly recalled, there may be a maiming as the Sneasel goes in for the kill.

In Sneasel society, it is common for packmates to fight each other to first blood to settle disputes. Rivalries are also encouraged in Sneasel society. What this translates to is that these Pokemon will tend to fight the other ones on their trainer's team to prove itself. In particular, a Sneasel or Weavile will often have a strong rivalry with the Pokemon that was used to capture them.

The third problem with training a Sneasel is their communal nature. Pokemon of the Sneasel line are used to cooperating with their pack at all times. A newly caught Sneasel has trouble with standard League battles because they are left out there alone to fight. Trainers are encouraged to start getting their Sneasel to see them as a fighting partner and to start them off with double battles. Also, Sneasel will get lonely and aggressive (more so than usual) if left alone, so trainers are advised to let them follow outside of the Pokeball often.

In addition to the behavioral obstacles to overcome when training a Sneasel, trainers should also be wary of maintaining their body temperature. Normally this isn't a problem, but if a Sneasel or Weavile is taken to a desert environment they should generally only battle at night or indoors. If their gems or feathers are damaged, it is advised they don't battle until they have healed.


When a Sneasel or Weavile wants to mate with another, it will signal its intention by going out alone and bringing back prey as a gift. Common targets are small bird Pokemon like Pidgey or Starly. Either the male or female can initiate this ritual. If the other accepts the bird gift, both of them go off on a private hunt to find a Razor Claw. If the two can work together well enough to bring down an apex predator like an Ursaring or Zangoose and take its claws, the two decide to mate.

Social Structure

Sneasel and Weavile are communal to the point that they are seldom alone. A typical pack consists of ten to thirty individuals. If it gets to a point where the resources can't support the whole group, it will split and move to a different area.

Sneasel and Weavile value teamwork to such a high degree that hunting alone is looked on with disdain. Hunting parties of three to six will go out and use ambush and hit-and-run tactics to wear out and chip away at prey.

In the wild, only Weavile mate. This is because the acquisition of a Razor Claw and subsequent evolution is seen as a rite of passage. If a Sneasel tries to mate, chances are it's partner will attack it for not following the ritual properly.

Due to their natural aggression, Sneasel and Weavile are highly competitive in their packs. Fights are common ways to settle disputes, especially over food and personal space. They are restricted to first blood though, so as not to impair the loser's performance whilst hunting.

Use in Trainer Culture

Because of their tracking capabilities, natural inclination to teamwork, and ability to learn False Swipe, Sneasel and Weavile are often used by trainers who specialize in Pokemon capture.

Written by Alkthash.