! Sigilyph

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Sigilyph [#561]

!! Physical Description

Sigilyph is a Psychic-Flying Pokémon. It is, even with the most polite description possible, extremely odd. It is 1.4 meters high, and weighs 14 kilograms. It has a spherical body, with a large black ring around the center of the sphere. In this ring, there are located a pair of light blue-green eyes. A small black rod protruding out of Sigilyph’s head bears a third eye; this eye can see, but it also emits a constant psychic wave to gather the thoughts of anything nearby. Sigilyph has two vestigial black arms, neither of which are of any use for holding things, and seem to serve merely as stabilizers. Sigilyph has a large, fork-shaped tail, presumably for use as a rudder during strong winds, and two large pseudo-wings. These wings are in fact long tendrils, each with four additional tendrils protruding from them at regular intervals. They are not used for flight: rather, Sigilyph propels itself along with psychic waves. Any part of Sigilyph not specifically mentioned as black is covered in colorful bands of blue, light red, yellow, and, on the sphere-body, white, black, and green. Sigilyph’s skin is extremely hard, resembling ceramic. It uses psychic energy to prevent itself from shattering.

Sigilyph have a vague resemblance to the Pokémon Unown. This has been researched closely by scientists, but despite their shared type, and the fact that they both seem to defend ancient ruins, there is very little evidence supporting any connection between the two.

Sigilyph have, on extremely rare occasions, been observed with a black, beige, and brown main body, and fiery red, orange, and yellow wingtips. The difference, however, seems to be merely aesthetic.

!! Notable Biology

Aside from its bizarre color scheme, there are two especially notable aspects of Sigilyph. First are its psychic abilities. Sigilyph will use psychic abilities for three things. First, they use them to fly. Second, Sigilyph will constantly release waves of psychic energy, scanning the thoughts of anything in the vicinity. People who have felt this describe it as feeling like something soft, but decidedly alien, is trailing over their brain. For this reason, Sigilyph that are not battling are required to be kept in their Poke Balls at all times when in public areas, and Trainers wandering in the Resort Desert are advised to bring along a Dark Pokémon, who can neutralize the psychic scan. Finally, and perhaps most dangerous, Sigilyph are capable of firing devastating psychic blasts when angered. Fortunately, this does not happen often (See the “Hazards” section for examples of when this does happen).

The second is the reading gotten when an Alakazam attempted a psychic scan of a captured Sigilyph. All the Alakazam found was what is already known about Sigilyph through ancient texts: That they are a guardian of an ancient city. However, the Alakazam performing the scan reported that the message was “pre-recorded, like it was put there by someone else in case anyone attempted to read Sigilyph’s mind.” As such, information on the actual mind of Sigilyph (if it exists: several people have put forth theories that Sigilyph is only an automaton controlled remotely by a psychic presence) is still a mystery.

Sigilyph have also been observed firing orange beams that eventually ignite, which is its Flamethrower attack. However, it can only use it after its opponent did, in the form of Mirror Move.

!! Habitat

All wild Sigilyph are found in the Resort Desert, by or in the Relic Castle. Many people believe that this is the ancient city that Sigilyph are protectors of, and this is corroborated by their behavior toward it (See Hazards). Sigilyph fly in ordered patterns, patrolling the border of the Relic Castle at all times. Sigilyph are generally rare, although there are reports of large masses of them gathering by the Relic Castle on certain occasions. During these occasions, Trainers that were nearby at the time have described Sigilyph escaping from their Poke Balls and joining the swarms, returning to their Trainer after the mass of Sigilyph has dispersed. One recent mass was preceded by the arrival of a Team Plasma official known as Ghetsis at the Castle.

!! Diet

Sigilyph do not eat, at least not in the way humans and other Pokémon do. Trainers feeding their Sigilyph Berries have reported a green energy flowing from the Berry directly into the feeding Sigilyph, and Pokémon researchers have theorized that Sigilyph are absorbing energy directly from the Berry.

!! Hazards

Sigilyph are largely calm Pokémon, who do not seem to object to being captured. At most times, the most dangerous thing they can do is fire off strong winds that have mixed with solid particles in the air, forming sharp blades which Trainers have dubbed “Air Cutters.” However, when the Relic Castle is threatened, any nearby Sigilyph will viciously attack the intruder with combined psychic blasts of a level far beyond what is seen in battles. Scientists theorize that Sigilyph do not exert their full psychic strength in battles, preferring to save it for when their home is threatened.

One well-known account of a Sigilyph attack details a treasure hunter who attempted to steal a jewel from the Relic Castle. Several Sigilyph psychically dragged him into the lower level of the Castle, keeping him there for the night. The man was found the next day outside of the Castle, unmoving and unresponsive. Psychic scans revealed that almost all of his mental functions had been completely scrubbed by whatever the Sigilyph had done to him. He died in the hospital, after refusing to drink for a week. Several people have since made requests to have Sigilyph banned in minor tournaments, although their petition has been largely ignored, as Sigilyph show no sign of being dangerous except in the event of an attack on the Relic Castle.

!! Courting and Childrearing

Like eating, Sigilyph have not been seen to reproduce in the traditional sense, and if they have any mating rituals, they are unknown. From time to time, a pair of Sigilyph will retreat into the Relic Castle, before emerging with an egg, which they will place by the entrance to the Relic Castle, and guard with the same fervor until it hatches, approximately a month later. Sigilyph eggs are very large, as Sigilyph are born full-size. They are born already with fairly strong psychic abilities, and are not taken care of by their parents. Nobody is sure how exactly the Sigilyph breed, and even in captivity, a Sigilyph pair will fly to the Relic Castle before returning with the egg, suggesting that there is a reason it must be done in the Relic Castle. Many people (the same ones who believe that Sigilyph are automatons) believe that Sigilyph eggs are made out of special clay, which is not found anywhere but in the depths of the Castle.

Sigilyph occasionally "Breed" with Pokemon of different species. Information gleaned from psychic scans reveal that the Sigilyph forms a psychic link with the other Pokemon, "downloads" certain bits of information, and somehow transfers it into the new egg.

!! Social Structure

Sigilyph have little observed social structure, outside of their constant patrol of the Relic Castle.


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