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Nosepass Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Nosepass [#298]
  • Probopass [#476]

Physical Description

The Nosepass resembles an angular, abstract face made out of bluish gray metal, with heavy brows over constantly shut eyes and a pinkish-red nose jutting out like a three dimensional arrow. Where the face should have ears rest a pair of holes, with two simple arms ending in pits of their own magnetically floating around them. A pair of short, thick legs jut out from the base of the face, each ending abruptly with a small opening on the bottom. Some rare specimens have a more tannish, rocky exterior, but the nose always remains the same color.

Probopass retain the same basic central shape as their pre-evolution, but have grown far larger and undergone a number of changes. The nose accounts for a good third of the creature's mass, having grown thicker and wider and broken off a good portion of the creature's upper face. This exposes the black core, a cylindrical mass of magnetism with two blue eyes; a red cap structure has developed atop this, with a small notch oriented toward the nose. Masses of iron fillings are attracted to the nose's base in a fuzzy mini-moustache, and where the Nosepass had hovering arms and holes for ears the Probopass has a trio of orbiting "mininoses" resembling the face of birds in their orbit. The creature has absorbed its legs, opting to hover above the ground.

Notable Biology

The Nosepass line is known for their connection to magnetic fields; it's a commonly held belief that the Nosepass's nose always points north, though testing has confirmed that a magnetic field of significant intensity can cause a Nosepass to face a different way. This magnetic capability appears to be the result of the internal metallic core, which scientists have discovered to be superficially similar to that of the Roggenrola line but organized in a far more streamlined and cylindrical manner.

Nosepass and the Probopass both channel the magnetic power of their cores through their noses, using them to manipulate their external bodies and various metals. Upon their excavation, most Nosepass have a very low-power magnetic field, to the point where they only move a small amount during a year and react negatively to other Nosepass interfering with their own magnetism; however, as they age their magnetic field grows more powerful, which results in them moving further distances every year. This magnetic ability is only increased in the presence of other fields; if their magnetic power is enhanced by a significant amount, they will evolve into Probopass.

The primary external body of the Nosepass, despite appearing metallic, is in fact mostly comprised of rock minerals. Their typical coloration is the result of trace metals, but the Nosepass does not have enough metal in its body to qualify as a steel-type pokemon. However, during their evolution, their magnetic abilities work overtime to absorb and redistribute metals in their body; this results in Probopass gaining the steel type.

In general, the Nosepass line falls into one of two breeds. Those with thicker shells are able to resist abilities that would otherwise lead to an instant knockout, although they can still be worn down. Those with thinner shells have learned to use their magnetism to keep steel pokemon within range, generally either as an entourage or to ensure that they will not escape their wrath. A small subset of Nosepass have learned to utilize the small scraps of metal in blistering sandstorms to increase the damage of their attacks.

Social Structure

Nosepass and Probopass tend to be loners, but it's especially pronounced with Nosepass; their magnetic fields are far more delicate, so they try to push away from their brethren and other magnetic entities. Probopass, on the other hand, are rarely observed in the wild; one trainer did manage to find and follow one and attempted to communicate with the help of his own Kadabra, but the only response seemed to be a highly detailed mental map with the Probopass at the border, implying that it was busy exploring.


Nosepass were first encountered in Hoenn's Granite Cave some fifty years ago, all encased in stone until released. While the cave still hosts the largest population of unearthed Nosepass, many of them began a march north towards Sinnoh and, more specifically, Mount Coronet; swarms of Nosepass still appear on Route 206 to this day. By comparing this behavior and that of the recently established colonies in Unova and Kalos, scientists have determined that Probopass prefer to inject their young into regions with a number of minerals to absorb near powerful magnetic fields they can easily migrate to.

This does beg the question of why they were in Hoenn to begin with, as there is no powerful magnetic field within reach; perhaps there was in the time that the Probopass first passed by. Few Probopass have been seen in the wild, and all those that have simply ignored the presence of others aside from pushing them out of their way with rocks.


For a long time it was assumed that Nosepass did not eat, as they would not react to anything placed in front of them. Careful observation of the Unova colony, however, revealed that Nosepass do in fact absorb rocks and minerals in their pre-migratory form; once unearthed, they focus solely on finding a powerful magnetic field to evolve in. Probopass, however, will constantly pull whatever metals they can from the ground and store them in their mustache; the underside of their nose is in fact a mouth which will consume anything indiscriminately, although it will "sneeze" out anything that cannot be digested at regular intervals, usually crushed plants and insects. Trainers with Probopass usually give them steel wool.


Neither Nosepass nor Probopass are inherently aggressive—Probopass will even ignore attacks in the wild, set as they are on their roaming. This does not mean they can be approached with impunity, though; both morphs are fully capable of ripping rocks out of the ground and throwing them at anything that gets their attention, as well as using their magnetic power to generate electric bursts. Probopass can also use their magnetism to create primitive rock bombs; most only use this to clear the way when they come across insurmountable obstacles, but those under a trainer's care can be taught to use this in battle. Thankfully, while a Nosepass will deal with any pokemon or human that gets in their way during their journey to magnetic sources, Probopass are far less aggressive though no less focused on their own mysterious journeys.


It's unclear what the exact trigger is, but whenever a female Probopass feels the need to create an egg it will settle down and let out bursts of magnetic energy at regular intervals. Male Probopass will be attracted to these bursts in a first come, first serve situation; the female will take one of the male's mininoses, pair it with one of their own, and eat them both before sending the male on its way. Once all three of the female's mini noses have been consumed in this way, the female will sneeze out three eggs and rise up, having them orbit her until she finds a suitable location in which to bury them. Both males and females will replace their mininoses by digesting their mustaches and sneezing out new ones.

Nosepass do not breed in the wild, but they can be compelled to do so in captivity.

In Human Society

The resemblance the line has to primitive carvings of human faces, as well as their magnetic tendencies and the Probopass's habit of roaming, make the Nosepass line an informal symbol of discovery and exploration. It's not clear if the primitive statues found on some islands were influenced by the Nosepass line, if the Nosepass line itself was made long ago in the mists of history, or if it's all one big coincidence. Whatever the case, many modern writers have begun to use wandering Nosepass as symbols of being in a foreign land, to the point where various explorers have been portrayed as using Nosepass as a makeshift compass. The line's toughness and apathy has also become notorius, with various images of Probopass floating through horrific areas and situations posted to the internet under the tag "Probopass Don't Care" or cruder variations of the saying.
Written by Masterweaver