Fanon Pokedex / Moltres


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Moltres [#146]

Physical Descriptions

Moltres is a large phoenix-like Pokémon which stands taller than the average man by a good deal. It is readily recognizable from its smooth orange plumage and the distinctive red of the tail, cranial and flight feathers, which billow in flight like plumes of flame. It possesses a straight brown beak and talons of a modest size, and like all raptors its sharp eyes give it a fierce countenance. Moltres’ plumage constantly exudes intense heat, and its redder feathers appear wreathed in perpetual fire; in all of human history, the creature has never been observed with its wings and elaborate head crest extinguished.

Lore and History

Moltres has long been venerated by the inhabitants of Kanto and Johto as the Avatar of Flame, being superior to Articuno, Avatar of Frost and inferior to Zapdos, Avatar of Lightning. In this way, the three birds form a sacred Triad of Fire, Ice, and Lightning that preserves the equilibrium of the world; should their balance be disrupted, a great cataclysm would befall our world.

Moltres is seen as both a benefactor and a destroyer. When it is in balance with its siblings, its warmth dispels rain and cold, and its cleansing flames revitalize the soil in portent of the onset of spring; but when the balance is disrupted, droughts and heat waves bake the earth in its wake, and wildfires erupt from its wings to burn the land to ash. Moltres is known to be incredibly hot-blooded and quick to anger, yet in spite of this fearsome temperament, it often mediates disputes between its siblings, Articuno and Zapdos; because of this, Moltres is seen as a sign of peace, and homage is paid to the Avatar of Flame at the beginning of every Pokémon League Conference by runners carrying a torch — rumoured to have been ignited with one of Moltres’ own eternally-burning feathers as part of a pact with the creature— across the nation to light a pyre at the tournament’s location.

Known Sightings

Of the three Legendary Birds, Moltres is the most willing to interact with humans on a regular basis. In the past it would make an appearance at the beginning of every annual Pokémon League Tournament, thereby signaling the beginning of the games, and a wreath made from the avian’s shed feathers would be gifted to the winner of each year’s final round in recognition of their skill as a Pokémon trainer. Apart from such public appearances, Moltres was known to roost atop the summit of Mt. Ember, although conflicting reports claim that it frequented the lower caverns of Kanto’s Victory Road at around the same period of time.

After the eruption of Cinnabar Volcano, Moltres departed from its roost and flew north to cooler climes; it could be seen in the vicinity of Johto’s famous peak, Mt. Silver, and has occasionally been observed on the wing in Sinnoh. It is believed to have been one of several Legendary Pokémon involved in the Cipher Incident in Orre several years ago; since then, it has kept to itself and has stopped appearing at the various Pokémon League Tournaments, to the worry and disappointment of Moltres watchers everywhere.

Diet (if any)

While the long and pointed beak would suggest a carnivorous diet, Moltres has never been observed eating; thus, it cannot be said what the creature eats with any certainty.


Moltres’ body constantly emits palpable waves of heat, which intensify in direct proportion to the creature’s mood; as such, it is constantly burning moisture out of the air and making its immediate surroundings dry and arid, making it difficult for plants and animals to remain properly-hydrated in its presence. This heat, combined with the embers which shoot from its wings with each flap, often leads to the ignition of powerful fires that can burn a forest of mature redwoods to the ground in little more than a day. Notably, when Moltres is injured, it has been observed diving into the craters of active volcanoes and emerging from the magma a few minutes later, being in a healthier state when it emerges from its scalding “bath.”

Moltres is among the most powerful Fire-type Pokémon, rivaling Entei and Ho-Oh in terms of sheer destructive power. While it does not have the same range of pyrokinetic abilities as these two, the Avatar of Flame can spew a blazing stream of fire hot enough to reduce the landscape to molten slag, and it can expel scathing gouts of steam and rays of solar radiation from its beak. Moltres can flap its wings with enough force to generate blades of air or vortices of fire to slash and entrap a potential foe, and the heat it continuously generates is sufficient to dispel cloud cover and enhance the sun’s rays, increasing the potency of its own pyrokinetic attacks. Like Articuno and Zapdos, it displays some psionic ability, although it limits the use of its mental powers to increase its own agility and speed, relying on the toughness of its body and the all-consuming fury of its flames to attain victory over an enemy.

Additionally, Moltres appears to emit a strong presence of regal might, a trait it shares with its siblings. Simply put, Pokémon who are ordered to attack any member of the Legendary Birds will only do so reluctantly and with great difficulty, as though some sort of geass were compelling them not to lift so much as a finger against them.


As previously indicated, Moltres frequently raises the temperature of its surroundings to unbearable levels without actually meaning to do so; if it were to actually be angered, the result would probably be a conflagration that nothing, save for Moltres itself, would be able to survive. In addition to its potent pyrokinetic powers, Moltres also possesses numerous powerful Flying-type attacks, such as Air Slash and Sky Attack. If you must do battle with Moltres, your best bet is to use an extremely powerful Rock type, such as Rhyperior, Tyranitar, or Gigalith, as Moltres is extremely vulnerable to Rock-type attacks and will quickly admit defeat and retreat as fast as it can if relentlessly pounded with such moves.